Planets lower than Earth

Question: Can you shortly describe the lowest planet in our universe? How dense is matter and so on? Has anybody ascended from that planet? And will the masters comment on the total number of unnatural planets and how many of these are lower than earth? And are there any other planets that still have fallen beings embodying on them? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

Yes my beloved it may be hard for some of you to believe but there are in fact planets that are lower than Earth in terms of the collective consciousness. Even planets that have a more dense form of matter where life is even more of a struggle than it is on earth. There are not many planets but of course many is a relative term. Just to give you some sense of proportion, more than 99% of the planets in your universe are natural planets. They are at various stages of development where some have higher and some have lower states of development but they are still natural planets in the sense that you do not have the conflicts, the warfare and some of the other manifestations that you see on Earth. 

So more than 99% are natural planets. Less than 1% are unnatural planets and out of those, only a small fraction, less than 10%, are more dense than earth. So there are quite a number of unnatural planets that are actually at a higher level than Earth. This really is not information that is very relevant to you but I will indulge curiosity for once. Your main concern is of course Earth, planet Earth. As one of you said this afternoon “I certainly don’t want to go to a planet that is more dense than Earth” and most of you will probably feel the same way and it is, of course, perfectly legitimate that if you have been on one unnatural planet you do not feel like going to any other unnatural planet. That is completely understandable and you will never be forced to do so unless of course, you fell into duality and went to the lowest state of consciousness allowed on earth and then even went lower so that the only option was to embody on one of the denser planets but that I trust, none of you desire to experience. 

Really I would like to comment that you need to understand that there is a certain built in safety factor in the sense that as a planet lowers its collective consciousness matter becomes more dense and therefore it becomes more of a struggle to do anything. This is simply because, as you would say with children, that if children have a tendency to hurt themselves or other people you would probably take knives and other sharp instruments away from that child and make sure they only had soft toys with which they could create limited damage. It’s the same thing here, that on a more dense planet there is a limit to how much damage you can do or at least it becomes more difficult. This can be put together with the fact that nuclear weapons have been developed on earth and you could say, “well how is that limiting the destructive capacity?” But as we have mentioned before, there are other concerns that can come in where we sometimes need to face the population of a planet with this capacity to destroy themselves in order to make them think how they can avoid using that capacity. 

There are of course, certain planets where there is and has been ever more severe wars than you have seen on earth. There are planets that have been destroyed due to war and this is not something we desire to see repeated but again, there can be situations where you need to allow the inhabitants to destroy a planet because it can actually awaken some of them when they see these consequences that are far worse than they had actually imagined. 


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