Spiritual concepts are not linear

Question:  What is the value of a Conscious You when it is destroyed in the Sacred Fire, like Lucifer in the My Lives book?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

The Conscious You is simply a vehicle that the I AM Presence uses in order to experience an unascended sphere from the inside rather than from the outside and so as we have given various teachings before, the Conscious You when you ascend also is dissolved or merges back into the I AM Presence. It's a process that can be difficult to describe in linear words because it isn't linear. But the Conscious You has value as a vehicle for descending but it isn't a permanent thing, it isn't a separate thing, it isn't a separate self. 

I know these are subtle concepts and not necessarily easy to understand but you have to realize here that there is a certain tendency among some spiritual students that they want to reduce every spiritual concept to a linear concept that can be grasped with a linear analytical mind. The analytical mind as we have said is a valuable tool for some tasks but also has limitations, so the linear mind is of course suited for understanding and analyzing and categorizing the physical world, which is linear but it is not suited for understanding more subtle spiritual concepts. 

That's why you have to be very careful not to be so focused on the outer words that you shut off your intuitive faculties because truly to understand or grasp or experience the process you have to do this through an intuitive experience and we could in a sense say that understanding what happens with the Conscious You as you ascend is in a way meaningless because you will not grasp it until you experience it. 

So when we have to reduce this to linear words we cannot truly avoid distorting the concept somewhat and bringing it to a level where it is open to various interpretations of how people interpret the words and if you then focus on the words and if you then have different people interpret it differently and now they get in an argument about who has the right understanding then I have to say you have misunderstood the purpose of us giving the teaching. Our purpose is not really to make you understand with a linear mind but to actually transcend the linear mind and experience it in a more holistic intuitive manner, ultimately of course that final transcendence of the linear mind, which is called the ascension.


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