The distinction between the terms - Mother Light and Matter Light

Question: A question for the ascended masters about the term matter light, the term Matter light was introduced by the Presence of Infinite Light in 2004. This term denotes a basic light with the rudimentary stage of consciousness (roughly the unconscious) from which everything is created in the material universe. Having only a rudimentary consciousness this light manifests any form imposed upon it. Experimenting with this light we receive reflection from the cosmic mirror, learn from it, become more harmonious and consequently we spiritualise matter.  There will come a time when all matter will be transformed because the unconscious basic matter light will awaken become self aware and spiritualised and the earth will ascend. Such a self aware and spiritualised light is called Mother Light. In the ascended sphere there is no matter light there is only Mother Light. The unconscious basic matter light became the conscious Mother Light which no longer accepts any form imposed upon it.  These are two different states of light and cannot be equated. Is this true? If Mother Light and Matter Light are two names for the same thing then why has the Presence of Infinite Light introduced the term matter light and why do the ascended masters use both terms in their dictations. The question arose because most Russian language translators including those from Russian official publisher translate the term matter light as mother light, so the term matter light does not exist in Russian translations. Is this right? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

It is acceptable to us that you translate it into Russian as Mother Light when the term is not familiar. It is correct that at the introduction a certain distinction was made but it is also correct that we have later used the two terms interchangeably and it is partly because we want people to understand that the matter light exists in the Mother aspect of God. So we have given the teaching that there is the Father aspect which is the expansive and the Mother Light which is the contractive. So sometimes we want people to recognize that the Mother Light or the Matter Light that forms all forms is part of the Mother aspect of God. So again we are at a point where you could keep looking at the words and the terminology or you can seek a more intuitive experience of this. 


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