Going into duality and positive lessons in the collective causal body

Question: Does ascension through the School of Hard Knocks ultimately resolve in something more for the growth of the whole than just the path of inner direction? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Well, if you with ascension mean that somebody actually ascends and becomes an ascended master then I would have to go against what I said earlier and focus on the words themselves. Strictly speaking you cannot ascend through the School of Hard Knocks. You can rise in consciousness through the School of Hard Knocks but you cannot reach the 144th level through the School of Hard Knocks.

Typically when you go beyond the 48th level, you start - at least going beyond always learning from the School of Hard Knocks. But in a sense we can say that whatever people do with their free will, however low they go in consciousness, it has an effect in terms of giving beings experiences in their causal bodies. You can say that by going into duality you explore a certain aspect of free will that you of course cannot explore if you are not in duality. So in that sense you could say again, that any experience people have will add to the whole in the sense that there is in the individual mind but also in the collective mind that awareness of what doesn't work, what the consequences are.

This ties in with what we have said that “we do not judge what you do on earth the way you judge yourselves or each other” because we look at it again as you are outplaying aspects of free will and thereby gaining the experience, a direct experience of what works and what doesn't work that does become part of - not only your own causal body but what we might call the collective causal body of a certain group of life streams, what they have experienced and what they now have of positive lessons in their causal bodies and in the collective causal body as a result of this.

It is so - that when some people go through a certain experience on a planet like Earth, their causal bodies transform this into a positive experience and that means that other life streams can draw upon this so they don't have to go through the same experience. That is also part of why you can see that a planet can ascend or rise up to higher levels of consciousness. The collective consciousness can be raised because as a critical mass of people find out that they do not want any more of war then it can shift the collective so that even those who have not experienced so much war can realize that they do not want war either and that can bring a shift. 


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