A magnetic pull of the moon on people's emotional bodies

Question: Is it true that phases of the moon affect us and it's also been said that the moon is a tool of the fallen beings, is it so? 


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, the teaching was given in previous dispensations that the moon has become a focus for dark forces in the astral plane. There is of course reality to this but nevertheless you also need to recognize here that when you reach a certain level of consciousness it is not something you need to be concerned about. If you are giving decrees for protection, if you are seeking to raise your consciousness it is not really something you need to be greatly concerned about. 

I'm not by that saying that you should go out on a warm night when there's a full moon and sit there and stare at the moon for several hours because it might tune you into certain energies from the astral plane. But it is not something you need to go around fearing. When you rise above a certain level of consciousness the moon cannot influence you because it doesn't have anything in you that it can pull on. It is like with everything else. The prince of this world must have something in you, a separate self that it can pull on. 

The moon is the focus of fairly low energies so when you start walking the path to self-mastery and start rising about the 48th level, it's not something that you need to be too concerned about. 

If you ask almost any police force around the world, you will see that there is usually more crime, more violence, more chaos around the time of the full moon. It's just an observation that people have made pretty universally around the world. And it does show you that people who are below a certain level of consciousness are affected by the moon and the pull on their emotional bodies. But that is again people who are at a certain low level of consciousness that corresponds to the energies that the dark forces have anchored in the moon. 

Now I know that you can take the view that materialists will take and say that this can only be nonsense because the moon is just a natural phenomenon. This just shows you the limitation of their philosophy where they do not recognize anything beyond the physical because naturally, it's not the physical moon, the moon as a physical moon that anchors these energies. They are anchored in the emotional realm. It is from there that they exert a magnetic pull on people's emotional bodies.  




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