Bermuda Triangle and a crossover effect

Question: My question is about the Bermuda Triangle. What happened with the planes or ships that disappeared? What happened with the people, where did they go?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

Well, in many cases, my beloved, there is actually a physical explanation for why the ships or planes disappeared. It is often extreme weather conditions that can indeed block radio communication or radar or whatever. In that case, of course, the people die and make their transition and they go to wherever their station is, whether it is the astral plane, the mental or the identity realm.

I’m not denying that there are certain rare occurrences where there can be what Maitreya in his book calls a crossover effect between the physical realm and the astral plane. This is why there are some people that are convinced they are physically seeing UFOs or in past lives they were convinced they were physically seeing unicorns or monsters of various kinds—dragons, for example. There are rare instances where a ship or a plane or a person can actually go through a kind of shift where it goes directly into the astral plane and therefore so to speak disappears from the physical realm.

In that case, however for a person the physical body simply dies. It’s not like it exists and lives on in another dimension. The physical body dies and then the soul of the person goes to the astral plane and has some continued consciousness there, just as if it made the transition in a normal way. You understand that in order for a physical thing like a plane to make this shift into the astral it cannot remain as a physical thing, it cannot remain in the physical realm. 

The same goes for a physical body. So in a sense it is what you might call dematerialized but the consciousness of the person can of course continue some existence.


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