Karma can be balanced in a non-linear way

Question: This is a question about Second Death. When a lifestream goes through the process of the Second Death, this lifestream’s karma, in case of some lifestream who has no chance to embody on this planet due to heavy karma and has to embody in the lowest level, how can this lifestream transform his karma?

Answer from Master MORE through Kim Michaels:


Let me begin by commenting on lifestreams that no longer have the opportunity to embody on earth. Some lifestreams will actually go to other planetary systems that have an even lower mass consciousness than what you currently find on earth. There are not a huge number of such planets compared to the total number of planets in the material universe with intelligent life. Nevertheless, there are quite a few. It is possible that a lifestream, after no longer qualifying to embody on earth, will go and embody on such planets where, of course, it receives another opportunity to work out its karma. 

You have to understand here that everything is subject to free will. There is sometimes a tendency, especially from people who are familiar with Eastern teaching, to think that karma is something that is set in stone, something that predestines the lifestream’s current lifetime and that there is little that the lifestream can do to overcome the karma. 

This, of course, is not so. I have previously given extensive teachings on the fact that if you truly shift your consciousness, if you are willing to learn the lesson, to see how your consciousness limits you, and if you are willing to truly shift out of that element of the duality consciousness, then you can very quickly balance your karma. This means that even lifestreams that embody in the lower realms still have an opportunity to balance their karma and to balance it fairly quickly.

Karma is not punishment. It is not that the Karmic Board looks at the karma made by a certain lifestream, writes a linear record and therefore says that if a lifestream has made a certain amount of karma, that means that lifestream has to spend a certain amount of time before it can be free of its karma. In other words, the Karmic Board does not work as the judges on earth that meter out that a certain crime means a certain number of years in prison. 

The Karmic Board has only one concern and that is to set lifestreams free to move on in the process of self-transcendence. This means that if a lifestream truly has transcended a certain level of consciousness, then the lifestream will receive assistance to balance its karma very quickly. In some cases an ascended master may even take on the karma and balance that karma; in other words neutralize the energy impulses that make up the karma.

The same, of course, applies to lifestreams who cannot embody on a physical planet, but go to what we have called the astral plane, the emotional realm. There are lifestreams attached to earth, there are lifestreams attached to other planets, that are stuck in this emotional realm. Yet even they have an opportunity to make a dramatic shift in consciousness. 

This shift for such lifestreams really only happens in one way. These lifestreams are in the School of Hard Knocks and the knocks will continue to get harder and harder because they are now in a realm where all lifestreams have a lower state of consciousness and thus they inevitably clash with each other. It is a matter of a lifestream coming to the point where it says: “I have had enough of this. I do not want this anymore. Please help me!” When it asks for help, a lifestream will always be given help. If it is willing to look at its own consciousness and shift that consciousness, then again, it can rise relatively quickly and even balance a very large amount of karma in a much shorter timespan than if it had stayed in a lower state of consciousness.

You understand what I am saying here. There are people who are aware of karma and who seek to balance the karma by taking certain outer actions. For example, if you are a good Christian or a good Buddhist and act according to the outer rules of these religions, you will not make as much new karma as if you are an aggressive, selfish person. If you practice certain practices, such as prayers or chanting, you will even balance some of your karma. Yet you will not balance this as quickly as if you truly made a shift in consciousness. 

What I am saying is that there are two ways to balance your karma. One is the more linear way where you balance it very gradually and the other is a more revolutionary way where you go through a revolution in your state of consciousness. Thus, you can balance it much more quickly because now you have risen far above the state of consciousness in which you made the karma.

Even a lifestream who goes through the process that can lead to the Second Death, in other words goes to the Court of the Sacred Fire, will be given counseling on how it can shift its consciousness dramatically. Any lifestream can, even up until the last moment, shift its consciousness, turn around, raise its awareness and make the decision that it is willing to truly reform itself. There is nothing inevitable, even about the process, and even the final stages, that leads to the Second Death. 

Now, if a lifestream does not make the decision to change and therefore is erased in the Second Death, then the karma of that lifestream is also erased by the ascended masters who have an upward momentum. In other words, there are so many beings in the ascended realm that have such an upward momentum that it is really not a very big step for them to erase the karma of a lifestream that has gone through the Second Death. You may look at a lifestream, such as Hitler, who made tremendous karma in his last embodiment, but earth is just a small planet, and even the greatest amount of karma ever made on earth is very small compared to the positive momentum of many ascended beings.



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