You cannot balance karma by suffering or enduring

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Question: I would seek a greater understanding from Jesus, regarding the karma my wife has taken on as she battles the mental illness described as bipolar or more formally known as Manic-Depression. I assume this karma involves me as well, for I have chosen to stay by her side through some very difficult times.... Many times feeling so helpless that I had no recourse but to turn my feelings over to God, and have faith that I would be given a higher understanding to the whys of this sometimes crippling illness has come into our family’s lives... we are tired...mentally, and emotionally... but thank God for the spirit...but there is something we are not getting here...I feel it but do not know what... 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain elsewhere, it is important for all modern spiritual seekers to understand the reality of reincarnation and karma. If you do not understand how your past affects your present, how can you overcome the past and build a better future? Yet it is equally important to have the correct understanding of karma, and it is especially important to avoid the trap of associating karma with inevitability or with punishment.

Some people have combined the fatalistic eastern teachings about karma with the idea of sacrifice or suffering as a payment for sin. Thus, they reason that if something bad happens to them, the reason must be bad karma made in a past life. And if they only endure the suffering, they will pay back their karma and will eventually be free. This is a dangerous fallacy that has caused many sincere spiritual seekers to prolong their suffering needlessly.

Everything in this universe has one purpose and one purpose only, namely to help you grow. God has no desire to punish you for your past mistakes, and thus it is extremely important to realize the truth that karma is not a form of punishment. Karma is an opportunity to grow, and it should always be approached as such. When you think about it, why would a loving God want you to suffer and how could suffering compensate for the mistakes of the past? God only wants you to leave behind those mistakes, so that you are free to come home to his kingdom.

You made karma by making imperfect decisions, and those decisions were the result of a limited state of consciousness. The decisions generated a certain amount of misqualified energy, and in order to restore balance to the universe the energy must be requalified to its original purity. Before you can permanently ascend to the spiritual realm, you must requalify all misqualified energy you have generated in all of your lifetimes. You must also resolve all dualistic beliefs in your psychology—the beliefs that cause you to misqualify energy. Until that happens, your karma – which incorporates both misqualified energy and unresolved psychology – will act as a rubber band that pulls your lifestream back to earth.

The return of a portion of your karma, therefore, represents an opportunity for your lifestream to be free. This has two elements, namely that you must transcend the state of consciousness that caused you to make the karma and that you must purify the energy.

Overcoming your former state of consciousness is often the most difficult because many people tend to hide from their responsibility to truly change themselves from within. They often focus on the mote in the eye of another rather than seeking the beam in their own eye. In fact, if people have transcended their former state of consciousness before the karma comes back, it will be very easy for them to purify the energy and avoid disruptions in their lives. One might even say that it is only when a person has shown no signs of working on transcending a given state of consciousness that the karma is returned with full force. This is done as a wake-up call to lifestreams who could not be reached in any other way. The returning karma is a last-ditch effort to awaken the lifestream to the need to work on a given flaw in the psyche.

Purifying the energy is a mechanical process that is not difficult to achieve, especially when you have transcended the former state of consciousness and therefore do not misqualify more energy. To transform impure energy, you simply need to invoke high-frequency spiritual energy from above so that it can raise the vibration of the impure energy. This can be done through spiritual rituals, as explained on the Transcendence Toolbox website. LINK Yet much can also be achieved by responding to the returning karma with a positive attitude, approaching it as an opportunity to grow and set things right.

Do you now see the potential for people making things harder for themselves? If they are not willing to transcend their former state of consciousness – and especially if they do not approach life as an opportunity for growth – it is likely that they will not see the returning karma as a wake-up call. They will resist the karma, perhaps seeing it as a punishment or in other ways reacting negatively, which easily becomes an excuse for not looking into their own psychology.

This will cause them so suffer, and by doing so they misqualify energy, which generates more karma and does nothing to purify the energy of the returning karma. Do you see my point? Two wrongs do not make a right. You cannot balance past karma by suffering as a result of the return of that karma. Doing so will only create more karma, which can become a self-reinforcing spiral that takes you further and further away from Christ consciousness.

My point for taking you through this line of reasoning is to show you that it is important never to reason that you have to endure a certain situation for an indefinite period of time because you have karma with a person. It is equally important to avoid the trap of thinking that by suffering you will eventually pay back your karma and be free to move on. On the contrary, you will only trap yourself more firmly in a limited state, often making more karma with the person with whom you have a karmic relationship. The purpose of any situation is to help you grow by transcending yourself. Therefore, do not seek to endure; seek to learn your lesson and move on in consciousness. There is no point in enduring a situation. The whole point is to learn your lesson.





Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

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