Overcoming karma and psychology so you can fulfill your divine plan

TOPICS: Part of your mission is to balance karma - God wants you to rise above your past - karma is a stepping stone to freedom - you always did the best you could - your positive desire to take embodiment - you chose to embody in your present circumstances in order to grow - stop avoiding your karma and psychology -

Question: Dear Jesus, Your answer on the question of marriage and divorce really resonated with me. Deep down most of us know these facts and it is only a matter of applying this knowledge in moments of crisis, which are the true moments of growth. For me, the next best teachers have been my children and I thank them for that.

My question is about karma, spiritual growth and the purpose of one’s return to this material plane. Is it possible to complete one’s mission on this plane, without solving most of one’s karma and clear away the blocks in one’s own psychology first? How can one become clearly aware about one’s true mission when so much information from so many previous existences have left their imprint on one’s subconscious mind?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


Concerning the first question, the answer is “No!” The reason being that part of your mission in life is to balance your karma and overcome the blocks in your psychology. I understand that because of the heavy emphasis on sin in the Christian culture and because of the negative connotations of karma in many New Age and eastern cultures, many people look upon karma as being only a burden. Yet in reality your karma truly is not God’s punishment. Your karma is the result of choices you made in the past, and as I attempt to explain throughout this website, there really is no reason to feel guilty or fearful about your past choices.

Once you acknowledge that you have made choices that were not the highest possible – and then abandon the consciousness that caused you to make those choices – you have no reason to feel guilty. God does not want you to feel burdened by your past. God wants you to rise above your past so you can enter his kingdom—the quicker the better.

In reality, the choices you made in the past were expressions of the consciousness you had at the time. Therefore, one can say that you always did the best you could given your state of consciousness at the time. You have now transcended that state of consciousness. Therefore, there is no point in holding on to the past or feeling guilty about it.

Obviously, your past choices generated certain consequences, yet even that is not necessarily a negative. The positive way to look at your karma is that it is simply a stepping stone to your spiritual freedom. In the past, you made certain choices that created certain consequences. You made those choices because your lifestream needed to learn from seeing the consequences of those choices. Overcoming those consequences is the key to your lifestream’s liberation. And you do that by balancing the karma and overcoming the psychological blocks, whereby you can finally rise above your former state of consciousness.

In other words, it is important for spiritual seekers to look beyond the outer consciousness and tune in to the true desires of the lifestream. For a spiritually mature lifestream, karma is not seen as a burden or punishment. Karma is seen as an opportunity. The mature lifestream truly wants to overcome its karma because it knows that by facing its karma head-on and balancing that karma, it will win its immortality.

It is exactly the same with your psychological blocks. They are the results of choices you made in the past, and those choices were based on the state of consciousness you had at the time and the circumstances you faced at the time. So again, they were the best choices you could have made given your circumstances. Therefore, your lifestream truly wants to resolve the psychological blocks because doing so is the key to your immortality and spiritual freedom.

Your lifestream also knows that only by balancing its karma and overcoming its psychological blocks will it be able to fulfill the spiritual mission for which it came to earth in the first place. Only by removing the limitations that prevent you from being who you truly are, as above so below, will you be able to give the gift to planet earth that your I AM Presence desired to give and which caused it to send your lifestream to this planet.

Your I AM Presence had a positive desire of wanting to bring its unique spiritual flame into manifestation on earth, thereby making a contribution to the manifestation of God's kingdom on this planet. Your lifestream simply cannot be fulfilled, and it cannot leave this planet, until that original desire has come to fruition. Yet for that to happen, your lifestream must balance all karma it has made on earth, and it must overcome all psychological blocks that prevents your lifestream from expressing your true spiritual flame.

So truly, it is important for a spiritually mature lifestream to adopt a positive attitude towards the two tasks of balancing karma and resolving psychology. It is not something that should be averted or postponed. It is something that should be met head-on and dealt with decisively so you can move on with your greatest love.

In fact, many spiritually mature lifestreams deliberately choose to embody in circumstances that will give them the maximum opportunity to balance karma as quickly as possible and that will force them to confront their psychological blocks so they can deal with them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once a lifestream is in a difficult situation, the lifestream sometimes forgets its original desire for choosing that situation.

Therefore, many spiritual people seek to avoid dealing with their karma and psychology. This is unfortunate, and it is important for spiritual seekers to overcome all tendency to postpone these tasks. Meet them head-on, and get them out of the way quickly so that you can get to the more fulfilling part of your spiritual mission.


Concerning the second question, this is not nearly as difficult as one might think. It is true that past lives have left certain imprints on your subconscious mind and your lifestream. Yet they have not limited your Christ self and I AM Presence. So by following the path to personal Christhood and expanding your conscious contact with your Christ self and I AM Presence, you can quickly learn to reach beyond the wounds or imprints from past lives. This will allow you to tune in to your true mission, which will make it far easier for you to resolve your psychology and karma so you can get on with that mission.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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