Reincarnation as animals and nature spirits

TOPICS: Some animals have a nature spirit - animals have a group soul - some pets have a nature spirit that grows by interacting with humans - animals are lower life forms than humans - protect animals but do not become fanatical - nature spirits progress by serving humans - no excuse for cruelty - invoke light to protect animals -

Question: Master Jesus: Do people inhabit animals after death? What about angels, is it possible that angels are disguised as animals sometimes? I have always loved animals all my life. Dogs, especially keep coming to my house. My husband, who is an avid hunter, is always wanting to get rid of them, even by cruel means. I feel I can't successfully oppose his actions and would like to provide a sanctuary of sorts for animals. Is it correct to pray and invoke the presence of the Archangel Michael and his angels to protect the animals that wander onto our property.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


As explained elsewhere, people do not generally reincarnate as animals. Angels likewise do not generally disguise themselves as animals. However, what you are sensing is that many animals can indeed have a spiritual being, a spiritual presence, within them.

Many modern people look back at the fairy tales of the past as being just fantasy. It is, however, a fact that many people in ancient times had opened their spiritual sight and could see what has been called nature spirits or elemental beings. These are beings that serve to uphold and maintain the balance of nature. As everything on this earth, these nature spirits can be burdened by negative energy that is generated by human beings. When the burden becomes too great, you see the outpicturing of various natural disasters, such as violent storms, tornadoes or earthquakes.

As I explain throughout this website, everything is created from the consciousness of God, and therefore everything has a form of consciousness. Even a rock has a certain rudimentary form of consciousness. Living beings have a higher form of consciousness.
An animal does not have an individual soul as a human being does. However, many animals do have a nature spirit abiding within them, and this is what gives them a greater personality than other animals. This can especially be true for a pet which is greatly loved by a human being. When you love a pet, you can either attract a nature spirit to abide in that pet, or if the animal already has a nature spirit, you can enhance the spiritual growth of that spirit. Obviously, by mistreating the animal you can also hinder the spiritual growth of the spirit.

Many people have a great love for animals because they are spiritually sensitive and sense that some animals do indeed have a nature spirit. This is obviously the case for you. However, it is important to develop discernment.

Not all animals have a nature spirit. And even if they do, the nature and purpose of these spirits is to serve human beings. You might recall the following statement from the Bible, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:" (Genesis 1:28). This does not mean that human beings have the right to treat other forms of life any way they want. It does mean that in the hierarchical structure created by God, animals are lower life forms than human beings, and therefore animals can progress spiritually only by giving service to humans.

This gives rise to a very subtle distinction that can be difficult to understand with the human intellect. On one hand, I greatly honor the people who are sensitive to all forms of life. On the other hand, I do not wish to see these people take their sensitivity to the extreme and become fanatical. For example, you will see some animal rights activists who act as if the cause of animals was more important than the cause of human beings. In reality, this planet's reason for being is to serve as a platform for the spiritual evolution of human lifestreams.

There is indeed a progression in all stages of life. Therefore, the nature spirits can progress to higher levels of consciousness. In fact, a nature spirit can progress to receive the divine spark that turns it into a lifestream. Some human beings currently embodied on planet earth did indeed start their spiritual evolution on this planet as nature spirits. That is why you find some people who have a great attunement to nature or to the earth mother.

The key to the progression of nature spirits is to serve human beings. This does actually mean that, given the current conditions on planet earth, nature spirits can indeed progress spiritually by providing food and other forms of service to human beings.

You see, one cannot necessarily reason that it is wrong for people to kill animals and use them for food, leather or other products. There will come a time when the spiritual growth of humankind has progressed to a level, where it will no longer be necessary to kill animals. Yet at the current level of spiritual development, a sensitive and humane use of animals is actually for the mutual benefit of both human beings and nature spirits.

In other words, there does not need to be a conflict between your sensitivity to animals and the fact that your husband is a hunter. He might simply have attuned his consciousness to the reality that it is currently permitted for human beings to hunt animals for food. However, your husband should realize that there is no excuse for treating animals cruelly. Killing an animal in a humane way is one thing, treating it with cruelty is something entirely different, and it is most certainly not in people's own best interest to do so.

Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me. The universal Christ consciousness is found in all life, and therefore you should treat all life with basic respect and dignity.
There is a fundamental difference between hunting for food, killing your prey as quickly and humanely as possible, and hunting as a form of entertainment. It is never right to treat animals in a way that inflicts unnecessary cruelty and pain.

It is certainly correct to call for the spiritual protection of Archangel Michael upon animals. It would also be highly beneficial for people to call for the spiritual protection of the nature spirits and to use the Violet Flame LINK to consume the burden of negative energy that humankind has imposed upon nature spirits. However, in the current situation the best thing you could possibly do to lighten the burden of the nature spirits is to give the decrees and invocations.



Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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