Confession does not guarantee freedom form sin or karma

TOPICS: An outer church cannot remove your sins - Holy Spirit is not automatic forgiveness - beneficial psychological effect - overcome guilt and sense of being unworthy - doesn’t work if you repeatedly sin - rise above sinful consciousness - psychological healing is necessary -

Question: Would you please comment on the nature and significance of giving confession?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


There is much confusion associated with the ritual of confession. Let me first state very clearly that the idea that an outer church can remove someone’s sins is a concept that encourages abuse. If you look at the history of the orthodox Church, you will see many examples of such abuse. Letters of absolvency being just one. (For a more detailed explanation, see the answer to the question about reincarnation)

It is true that I gave some of my disciples the power to redeem people’s sins through the Holy Spirit. However, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth and cannot be controlled by human beings or organizations. I never said that anyone who confessed their sins to a church representative would automatically receive forgiveness of those sins.

As I have explained elsewhere, the vicarious atonement did not remove people’s sins or karma. When you commit an act that violates the laws of God, you automatically make karma. The confession of sins does not remove the person’s karma. The person will still have to balance that karma. However, the confession of sins can, if approached correctly, have a beneficial psychological effect.

We of the ascended masters do not desire to see anyone be burdened by guilt or the sense of being a sinner. We want people to let go of their past mistakes and to focus all of their energy and attention on climbing the spiritual path. To successfully climb the path, you must overcome the guilt that causes many people to feel that they are not worthy to approach God.

The essence of the spiritual path is that you come closer to God. If you feel that you are unworthy to approach God, then you cannot climb the path. For many people, the confession of sins can have the beneficial psychological effect of helping them leave behind guilt.

Unfortunately, the confession of sins can also have a negative effect. Some people faithfully go to confession every Sunday. They confess their sins, feel free of any guilt, and then joyfully commit the same sins next week. God’s mercy is infinite, and God’s forgiveness is instantaneous. However God’s forgiveness does not occur until you have forsaken the state of consciousness that causes you to sin.

If you review my Sermon on the Mount, you will see that I told people to rise above the consciousness that causes them to commit sinful acts. In today’s age, it is necessary to go one step further. People need to rise above the entire dualistic mind with all of its relativity and duality. What I am saying here is that a sin is forgiven at the moment you forsake the consciousness that causes you to violate God’s law (this forgiveness does not remove your karma). However, if you confess your sins without forsaking that consciousness, then it is naive to believe that your sin is forgiven.

The value of the ritual of confession is in direct proportion to the attitude with which people approach this ritual. If confessing a sinful act can help people overcome the consciousness that causes them to sin, then by all means go to confession. However, to fully overcome the lower consciousness, it is often necessary to go through a process of healing the psychological wounds that cause a person to remain attached to that state of consciousness.

Through this psychological healing, a person can come to a conscious recognition of why that state of consciousness is wrong. Through this recognition, a person can then make a conscious choice to abandon the state of consciousness.

For many people, the act of confessing a sin will not bring about the psychological healing. If people think that all they have to do is confess their sins, then the ritual of confession can actually hinder their spiritual growth. Obviously, I do not desire to see this happen to anyone. Therefore, I encourage people to sincerely strive for personal Christhood instead of thinking that the ritual confession will get them into heaven.


It would therefore be more effective to use the many tools we give for helping you overcome the past. 





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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