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TOPICS: Two reasons for having only one embodiment -

Question: I came across a channeling where the channeled entity claims that it has only ever had one embodiment. Is that possible? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is possible to have only one embodiment on earth. Before the Fall, most spiritual beings had only one lifetime on earth before ascending. 


After the Fall, certain rebellious souls were given the opportunity to embody on earth. Some of them misused their opportunity in such a way that they have bound themselves to the lower realms, and therefore they were unable to return to physical embodiment. When I descended to hell after my crucifixion, part of the purpose was to attempt to reach such souls and help them get back on a positive path to growth.


So having had only one embodiment on earth is not necessarily proof of spiritual attainment, but could be the proof of the opposite





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