Question about balancing karma

Question: My question is about karma, balancing 51%. What type of karma is the 51 and what is the 49% and what is the difference?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

Kim: What the masters have explained is that this is what came in a previous dispensation and I think this is part of what Serapis Bey was saying they gave them a more simplified view of the ascension. Because even when I heard that teaching, I realized this couldn’t be all there was to the ascension because it’s not just a matter of balancing karma to ascend. You didn’t come to earth to make karma, balance karma and then get out of here. You came here for your divine plan or for some kind of purpose. I didn’t understand then what we know now about avatars. But I just sensed that there was more to it. The teaching that was given back then was focused on one of the primary requirements for the ascension is to balance karma. There was a point where you had to balance 100% of your karma. Then the dispensation was given that you could ascend with 51% balanced. And what the masters have explained through me is that the 51% you have to balance is the karma you have with other people.  And the 49% is karma that you have with yourself and that’s why you can balance it without being in physical embodiment because it’s primarily how you look at yourself, how you have put yourself down. You could also say it’s resolving your internal spirits or selves. And so this can be done, (although) it’s still probably easier to do it in embodiment.


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