How to recognize a false teacher

Question: Are there any beings now that are precisely faking the vibrations of the Ascended Masters? For example, as it was described in "My Lives" when Jesus did not recognize the false teacher from the identity plane and how  to discern and figure out that they are actually false teachers?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

Yes my beloved, there are a quite a number of beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms who are seeking to present themselves as ascended masters or as being more highly involved than they are. How do you discern? Well there are certain outer signs and I have actually given some teachings on the website already on how you can recognize a false teacher. You can look for certain outer signs, if they are attempting to set themselves up as being superior to all others, if they are attempting to get followers that blindly follow them and blindly obey them then those are the signs of a false teacher. 

But more (inwardly) the only real way to expose this is to develop your intuitive faculties as we have talked about many times so you can read vibration. You can actually come to a point where you can pick up a book in a bookstore, read a few lines or paragraphs and you can sense, this is not for me or this is not a higher teaching and this is the ultimate way to do this. Of course you can also say that if you have experienced the vibration of a genuine ascended master through our dictations, through various messengers then that can also give you a frame of reference. 

It is a tricky thing to have discernment because as we have said, you have free will but your present level of consciousness limits the options you can see. 

So you could say that a false teacher always has some hidden agenda, some selfish agenda. An ascended master needs nothing from you. We have no desire to manipulate you or to attach you to us or to a particular messenger or an organization but the false teachers always have some selfish desire; they want to get something from you. The thing is, if you have a separate self in you that has a certain kind of selfishness then you will not be able to recognize this in that teacher. You will not be able to recognize that the teacher has a selfish motive if you haven't overcome it in yourself and that's why discernment can be quite difficult and why many spiritual students, who are well meaning, over the years have been fooled by false teachers. You might say that the false teacher can manipulate you because you have a certain blind spot and you have the blind spot because there is a self in you that you haven't seen. Therefore, you haven't seen that this is a self-centered desire and therefore you cannot recognize the self-centeredness in the teacher. 

But still, you can attain much by working on your intuition and of course working on the separate selves so that you can increase your discernment and you can certainly come to a point where you can even look at the picture of a spiritual teacher in embodiment, if it is a guru in embodiment and sense that this is not a genuine teacher or certainly not a teacher for you. You can pick up a book, you can read something on the Internet; it is not so difficult beloved, to develop the ability to sense when a teaching comes from the mental realm because that teaching is often very, very complicated, very, very complex. It basically is meant to give people the impression that if they can understand it or if at least they can think they can understand it then that means they are very advanced, they are more advanced than others. 

You can also have some teachings that are very ambiguous, where you can read a sentence several times and you're not sure exactly what is being said or what the intention is and those kinds of teachings can often attract people because when the teaching is ambiguous, it allows your ego to interpret the teaching anyway it wants. Many people can then use the teaching to validate what they want to believe and that is why there are certain beings in the mental realm who give these very ambiguous teachings where it is very difficult to understand exactly what the being means. 

Of course, giving a spiritual teaching is inherently difficult because translating the spherical awareness of an ascended master into linear words is difficult. That is why you can see that if you look at ascended master teachings over time, we have been more obscure, more ambiguous in the past. It has been more difficult to understand exactly what was being said if you look at the past teachings. You will see that today we are attempting to be more and more direct, more and more precise, so that at least you are clear on what we are attempting to say but still, of course, we have the limitations of words. 


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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