Death is not created by God

TOPICS: Death is not part of God’s design - death is a consequence of the misuse of free will and the accumulation of lower energies - many people think death is inevitable - Jesus came to show how to avoid death through Christ consciousness - people’s karma becomes their teacher - death is a teacher - nothing is permanent that is separated from God - why bad things happen to good people - open your heart to unconditional love from God - become an open door for God’s love -

Question: Beloved Jesus, I don’t understand the purpose of death in this realm. I don’t see how my lifestream would actually choose to come to a realm that has death and suffering. Especially a realm where the death and suffering is of someone I love. Why would God take a dog from me who meant everything to me? I don’t understand why he would allow this to happen… Taking him from me only makes me wish all the time that I had him back… just to take care of him and to continue to love him. Is my love not as important as yours? If I was to beg for a miracle from God, what would be the correct way and most effective way to ask? Do I ask that I am taken back in time to when my dog was alive? Or that his ashes are just magically turned back into life? Why wouldn’t God take someone who was doing harm to the world instead of an innocent lifestream who provides so much love? Why does God allow an evil murderer to live and not an innocent lifestream who meant everything to someone?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


My beloved friend, I feel your pain and sorrow. If you will make an effort to go beyond the outer sense of sorrow and the outer thoughts and questions and center in your heart, I will give you my true comfort flame that will consume your sorrow. However, this must be a personal experience that I cannot give you on this website. You must therefore choose to tune in to my heart by using the exercise given.

For now, let me attempt to answer your questions. Death was not actually created by God and it was not part of the original design for planet earth. As I explain throughout this website, God gave human beings free will. People chose to misuse their free will, and they descended into a lower state of consciousness in which they have lost contact with their spiritual source. They have lost contact with God.

After this loss of contact occurred, lifestreams misqualified the energies of God to such an extent that they altered every aspect of life on this planet. It is a law of God that you cannot ascend to the spiritual realm until you have balanced all misqualified energy you have generated in the matter universe. It is also a law of God that if you misqualify God’s energy, the stream of energy from your spiritual self will be reduced proportionally to your misuse of God’s light. Eventually, you can reach a critical mass so that the life of the physical body can no longer be sustained. This led to the situation where people's bodies actually die instead of simply being raised in vibration as the lifestream ascends to the spiritual realm. Because lifestreams had not balanced the misqualified energy, their karma, before the death of the physical body, reincarnation became a necessity.

As a result of people's misuse of God’s energy over many lifetimes, you now have a very complex situation on planet earth, a situation that is very far from God’s original design and intent. Death has now become a seemingly inevitable part of life on this planet. A big part of my mission was to show people that death does not have to be part of life. Death does not have to be inevitable because the lifestream can conquer death by following the path to individual Christhood and thereby ascending to the spiritual realm.

I hope you can understand that the conditions you currently see on this planet were not created by God and they are not what God wants for people. So it is not actually true that God took your dog away from you. Your dog was taken away as a result of a complicated karmic situation. However, if you look beyond such painful experiences, you realize that what has truly happened on planet earth is that people have lost contact with their spiritual teachers. Therefore, their own actions, when their misqualified energies return to them in the form of karma, have become the teacher.

One might say that death has also taken on the function of being a teacher. Death teaches people that nothing in this matter universe is permanent—when you have disconnected yourself from God. Therefore, people have the opportunity to use death as a stepping stone for building the determination to reach beyond the transitory matter realm and win the lifestream’s eternal life in the spiritual realm. Death also has the function of teaching people that they should not allow themselves to become emotionally attached to anything in this transitory realm, because everything in this realm can be taken away. Even their own physical life will eventually be taken away unless they raise their consciousness.

The complex karmic situations created on planet earth also explain why some seemingly good and innocent people experience severe calamities while other seemingly bad or evil people are allowed to live or even prosper. Again, this is not happening by God’s design or according to God’s intent. It is the outplaying of people's choices in past lives and in their present lifetime. I know these insights will not do much to comfort you and heal your pain. Nevertheless, they might provide you with an understanding that will eventually help you let go of the pain.

You ask what is the correct way to pray for a miracle from God concerning the death of your dog. The best miracle you could pray for is the understanding and acceptance that God loves you unconditionally and that he is willing to give that love to you at any time. The reason you feel such sorrow over the loss of your dog is that your dog gave you unconditional love and your dog opened your heart so that you could feel unconditional love for the dog. It is the love, not so much the dog itself, that you truly miss.

However, all unconditional love truly comes from God. What you were feeling from your dog was God’s unconditional love streaming to you through your dog. What you felt for your dog was God’s unconditional love flowing through you to your dog.

If you would pray for a miracle of the opening of your heart, you would realize that the true miracle of life is the flow of God’s unconditional love through you. You would then realize that the flow of love does not depend on anything in this world, including your dog. So many people long to find the perfect spouse and they think that if only they found the right one, they would feel unconditional love. However, the key to feeling unconditional love is to open the door in your heart, whereby Gods unconditional love can stream through you.

An important part of my mission on earth was to show people that you can feel unconditional love for anyone and everyone. So I encourage you to pray to God to open your heart so that you can feel God's unconditional love for all human beings and learn to express that unconditional love toward everyone.

The true opportunity you have when you experience the death of a loved one is to transcend your feelings for that particular person and expand them to all life. There are truly people who go through sorrow and learn to open their hearts so that the love of God can flow through them toward all life. Unfortunately, there are also many people who experience sorrow and go into a state of mind of blaming God for their loss.

This is the basic choice that people have in this world. Will you take a positive approach and open your heart to love, or will you take a negative approach and close your heart. When you close your heart, you will always find something in this imperfect world that can be used as a justification for shutting off God’s love. When you open your heart, you will always find something to love, and you will feel God’s love streaming through you.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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