Spiritual perspective on (not) prolonging life artificially

Question: The masters have spoken before about the issue of assisted dying. Just to be clear, if a person contracts an illness, like the example of cancer, and instructs the doctor, for example, six months before the likely day of death to kill the person. This is potentially a karma making activity? Is the karma equivalent to suicide? For the doctors that assist, is the karma equivalent to murder? What can you suggest to people as a practical guide for when would be the acceptable moment for ending life in the case where the motivation is just as a way to avoid pain? What can you suggest to people as a practical guide for when would be the acceptable moment for ending life in the case where the motivation is just as a way to avoid the pain?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.


Well, it's a complicated issue in the sense that free will is free will.  But the thing is, if you look at specifically people who have no spiritual awareness then you can say that they must be allowed to do whatever they want to do and then experience the consequences because that's the only way they will learn. It's the same with suicide. There are some people who need to commit suicide in order to learn that that didn't actually change anything. 

But when it comes to society making something like this legal then of course that's an entirely different matter and a society shouldn't make this legal as they shouldn't have suicide be legal. But nevertheless, when it comes to spiritual people you need to recognize here that contracting an illness there is always the potential to learn something from it. And therefore, as a general rule you want to stay in embodiment until you have learned what you need to learn from that experience.

And if you have a certain high level of consciousness you may actually come to the point where you say: “I have learned what I needed to learn, there is no point in experiencing the pain.” But it may also be that you simply choose to endure the situation and let the disease follow its natural paths. There is of course many ways today where you can artificially keep people alive and it is legitimate to refuse to do this. To simply say that “I will not be kept artificially alive. I will not be kept in a coma”  for example, but “I will not even be kept conscious and endure pain when this isn't the natural cause of the illness”. And if it is done with a certain understanding, then it isn't karma making for the person or the doctor. But it isn't really a matter of having the doctor do something active,  it's more a matter of not prolonging life artificially. 

For people with a lower state of consciousness it is karma making for the person, it is karma making  for the doctor. It's not quite equivalent to murder, that is done without the person asking for it, but it is certainly a karma making situation. 



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