The atomic accelerator chair and progressive revelation

Question: I have a question about the atomic acceleration chair. Can Master Saint Germain explain more about how it works and whether it is possible for small groups to work with this chair?


Answer from Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:


You need to log in to the idea that progressive revelation is progressive. Therefore, as Mother Mary explained with the wisdom of the Divine Mother, we are always giving people concepts that they can relate to with a given state of consciousness. Then it is the hope that, instead of taking them literally and turning them into a closed box, people will raise themselves up so that they no longer need the concept.

The concept of the atomic accelerator chair was given in the 1930s when very few people on the planet were able to even conceive of the process of the ascension as it really unfolds. They were only able to conceive of it in a more bodily, physical form, and many of them were not able to abstract from the physical body. Many were tied in to the Christian ideas that at the end of time Jesus will appear, and all of the physical bodies of all of the people who have died throughout history will be physically resurrected and then exist in some heaven world with the physical bodies they had. There were many people in the 1930s who could not free their minds from this idea that the ascension had to be a physical process.

In the I AM Movement I was seeing the need to give people a concept they could relate to, and therefore I presented the concept of the ascension in a much more physical way. I even gave the concept that it is possible to ascend physically, and in a sense it is possible to ascend physically, in the fact that you can dematerialize the physical body as the lifestream is ascending. This does not mean actually that the physical body ascends and now you wear a physical body in the ascended realm that resembles the physical body you had on earth. This is not a correct understanding of it, but it was based on the limited ability to abstract that people had at the time.

In the ensuing decades many more people have expanded their ability to abstract from these concrete physical images. What I am saying here is that the concept of the atomic accelerator chair was also a concept given to people at a certain level of consciousness. Of course, there are still people at that level of consciousness in embodiment so the concept as such is not obsolete, but it is indeed obsolete for those of you who are able to abstract from this more physical, material view of it.

There is no need to accelerate the physical atoms. The physical atoms of the body, even when you ascend, are not accelerated to the level of the ascended realm. The physical body, the physical atoms of the material world as you see it today, will eventually be – we might say – accelerated when the entire sphere ascends, but this is still not a physical ascension. It is actually that the atoms transcend the matrix that makes them atoms. They are accelerated into a higher state, an entirely higher thought matrix—not a higher physical state in a linear way, but an entirely different thought matrix.

You will see that the teachings of the I AM Movement were given at a time when people had this need. They also had this great belief in technology and the ability of technology to bring forth these wonderful devices that would solve all problems and almost work like magic. There was a need to, so to speak, feed that because that was where people’s awareness was. That is why I gave certain teachings about these different devices that existed in the retreats of the masters, including the atomic accelerator chair.

You have to understand that – even in ascended master teachings and also in many other spiritual and religious teachings – we are always attempting to give a particular idea, but in order to give that idea we must clothe it in an outer form that people can grasp with their current level of consciousness. The wise student makes the distinction between the idea and the particular outer form, the concept and a particular form.

While I have given this concept of the atomic accelerator chair and described it in some detail, it was to stir people’s imagination so that they would look beyond it, beyond the form, and realize that it is actually possible to accelerate your four lower bodies to an entirely new matrix. You are, however, not so much accelerating the bodies as you are accelerating the energy and the consciousness. The acceleration is not a linear acceleration where you take an actual physical atom and accelerate it to a higher level of vibration. It is, as I said, that you actually free the energy from the matrix of the atom. You free your consciousness from the matrix of your thoughts and feelings.

It is the concept embodied, or demonstrated, by Jesus on the cross. He had to die physically for him to be reborn spiritually. It is the old matrix that has to die. It cannot be accelerated in a linear way. It is not that the matrix is just at a lower degree of perfection and can be raised to higher degrees of perfection, and then it can ascend. It is that the matrix has to be allowed to die so that the Conscious You can free itself from identification with the matrix. 

As you can hear between the lines here, those of you who are open to our newer teachings should just ignore the idea of the atomic accelerator chair. You have transcended the need for having that concept. It is not constructive to attempt to create a physical chair because if there were a mechanical/technological/physical way to make people ascend, then surely the fallen ones would long ago have created it and used it on themselves to force their way into the ascended realm. There, they could start creating havoc as you see on earth, and this simply cannot be done.



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