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Question: Turning the other cheek? How do I turn the other cheek in a situation being attacked verbally or being treated disrespectfully? Is it not by being silent in the situation and removing myself if I can, and just let it be? I am not defending myself in any way by not responding.


Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, when you look at it historically there are probably few of my statements that have been more misunderstood and misinterpreted than turning the other cheek. It is posed by people who have chosen to do it and people who have argued why they should not do it and on both sides most people think that turning the other cheek means that you do nothing, that you are passive, or that you withdraw from the situation and, at a certain level of consciousness, that is actually a valid interpretation.

Let's put it this way, you are verbally attacked by somebody who is directing a lot of negative energy at you, you are at a certain level of consciousness where you have various separate selves. That means that the only way you could respond to that situation was by sending back what is being sent at you. In other words, you would escalate the argument, you would create an argument that might even end up in some physical fight. So from a standpoint of you not making negative karma it is better that you withdraw from the situation instead of escalating it. At a certain level of consciousness that would then be a valid interpretation, better to withdraw than to escalate a situation that can only lead to the equation of more negative energy and more karma. 

However, the higher way to look at this is of course that what you do in a situation like this is you look at yourself, you look at your own reactions and if you find you have a reaction where you are not at peace,  then you realize that this comes from a separate self and then you withdraw from the situation and then you work on that separate self. But when you have worked on the separate selves and let them die then you will come to a point where now you can be verbally attacked and abused by somebody and you do not have a reaction in yourself and at that point you should not remain silent, you should not withdraw, you should speak out but you speak out from that sense of peace and therefore, instead of reacting to the other person you are simply speaking out from that neutral perspective and this will then allow you to speak out in an entirely different way.

In some cases this will mean that the other person will change because you do not respond the way they expected you to respond. You will see that in many cases where people attack others verbally or otherwise they are expecting to get a certain reaction back. What always happens and you can see this in world history, you can see  it for examplein the Middle East, one side attacks the other, the other side attacks back and now the first side feels justified: “It was acceptable that we attacked them because their response back shows that they are violent people, so they deserve to be attacked”. That is how they respond. So somebody attacks you verbally, they expect you to argue back, to defend yourself, to accuse them back and if you do not do that, but speak from a neutral perspective, sometimes they do not know what to do. In some cases, people can be transformed by this, and they change their behavior. In other cases, it has no effect on them. They continue being aggressive. In that case, you become the instrument for the judgment of Christ where these people now receive the judgment of Christ for their aggressive behavior. We could say that if people are not changed when you have spoken out from a state of peace and a neutral perspective, then you do not need to continue to allow them to abuse you or attack you. Then you can withdraw, but you should first state very clearly and calmly how you look at their behavior, that you are not accepting their behavior, that you are not going to expose yourself to it and therefore you will withdraw if they continue to do this. This is what it ultimately means to turn the other cheek. It actually means that instead of reacting back with the human consciousness, with the separate selves, you are acting back with the Christ Consciousness from the Christ perspective. Even if you withdraw from a situation or become passive in a situation and people still attack you, that can also bring the judgment of Christ, but you bring it at a much higher level when you come from that state of peace.



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