Incarnation of ascended being

Question: Is it true that Mother Mary had to gain her ascension again?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

The linear mind always wants to do what the linear mind is designed to do and set up a very linear view of everything. This has a limited value when it comes to understanding the more complex topics of incarnation and ascension. I do not wish to go into great detail here because I may do it at some other time when I have given teachings that will make it easier for people to relate to this. My embodiment as Mother Mary was not my first embodiment on Earth. It is not so that I descended into that embodiment just for the purpose of being the mother of Jesus. I did have previous embodiments.

Now my beloved, regardless of the spiritual attainment that you may have before you come to Earth, once you come to Earth you become subject to the laws of this planet, to the mass consciousness. You become subject to the Law of Free Will in the sense that regardless of your previous attainment you do not come into embodiment with the full awareness of your attainment or with that level of consciousness. Why is that so my beloved? Because with the ascended consciousness you cannot take embodiment on Earth. You need to lower your consciousness.

In the book by Hilarion (The Mystical Initiations of Vision) he describes how for each of the 144 levels of consciousness there is a certain illusion. When you are walking the path towards the ascension you overcome one illusion at a time. Now, you understand that those lifestreams who were originally created specifically to embody on Earth, they were created at the 48th level and so they came into embodiment at those levels. Now if you have a being from the ascended realm who descends in order to take embodiment then that being has to lower its consciousness by putting on illusion after illusion until it has lowered its consciousness to whatever level it decides to take embodiment at for the first time.

This means that you do not come into embodiment with a full awareness of say, an archaea or an ascended master or a person from a vastly different planet. You come into embodiment with a limited awareness and your challenge then is - can you raise your consciousness from there or do you go down in consciousness? You understand my beloved, that it is very rare that ascended masters or angels as you have come to see them, take embodiment because there is always a risk that you can go into duality and you can lower your consciousness. It is true that if you do choose to take embodiment again you become subject to the consciousness of this planet, you can potentially fail and therefore you have to win your ascension again.

However, this is a very complex topic. There is more to say about it. I do not wish to go into it at the present time for a variety of reasons but first of all, I do not feel that we have given certain teachings that are the foundation for your understanding this. And so, I am simply saying I have given you what I want to give you for now but do not consider this the final word on this topic.



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