Are ascended masters from particular nations?

Question:  Are there any ascended masters in Korean history or Asian history?


Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea in 2016.


The question has been raised of whether we who are now ascended masters have embodied in many different nations. You know that we have given you various embodiments and in many cases, we have given these embodiments through messengers who were in the Western part of the world and therefore were primarily meant to speak to Western audiences, and appeal to them and get them to understand that we have been in embodiment just like you have. Our intent has been to give you some sense that we too have been in embodiment and therefore we have gone through everything that you have gone through. 

Of course, it is impossible to neutralize the effect of the human ego. This has caused many people to take our past embodiments and use them to idolize us and make themselves believe that because we had these special embodiments in the past, we are so far above you and we were even far above you when we were in embodiment. 

What I would like you to realize is that even though we have given you a few embodiments, most of us who are ascended today have embodied on earth over a very long time span, sometimes up to two million years of embodiments on earth. It is clear, my beloved, that when you embody for that many times on earth, you are not always an important historical person. You need to recognize that even though we are ascended today, we have had many, many embodiments where we were unknown or ordinary people, however you want to label it.

It is very important that you do not use our talks of past lifetimes to idolize us and make yourselves believe that if you are not an important historical person right now, you cannot ascend after this lifetime, because you can ascend after this lifetime. You understand that many of the important historical people that you see when you look at history, have actually been fallen beings in embodiment because they are the ones who have had the ambition to attain powerful positions in society. You should be very careful not to confuse this so that you think that being an important person in society is the same as having spiritual attainment. 

There are many of you in this room who have the same kind of attainment that many ascended masters had in their last lifetime on earth. Therefore, you also have the potential to ascend after this lifetime, regardless of whether you are recognized by human beings or have any position in society. That is not what determines your ability to ascend; it is your state of consciousness. 

Now, as I said, we have all had many, many lifetimes and in many of those lifetimes we were not special people, we had no special position in society. Many of us have been embodied in many different nations and among many different groups of people. I myself have been embodied in almost every nation that exists today. Although, when I was in embodiment, for example, in what is Korea today, Korea was not known as the nation of Korea, it was in a previous time. Nevertheless, I want you to understand that almost every nation on earth has had people who embodied there at a certain time and today those people are ascended masters. This is what is important to remember, and, certainly, there have been people who embodied in Korea who are now ascended, but that is the case for most nations. 

The fact is that there are certain stages of when a soul takes embodiment on a planet like earth. Most souls go through a period of immersing themselves in life on earth and then, after some time of being very identified with life on earth, you start to become more aware and then you start the upward path that leads towards your ascension. As you are going through this phase where you are working towards your ascension, you often choose to embody in many different areas, in many different societies and many different cultures, because this helps you overcome the identification with earth. 

If you embody in the same culture and perhaps with the same karmic group of people for a long time, then you become more trapped in thinking that this is the only way you can be as a human being on earth. You become more identified with that culture, that nationality. When you know that you are working towards your ascension, you deliberately choose to embody in many different situations in order to break up your own sense of identification with the things on earth. 

This also means that, in many cases, you will embody as a man for several lifetimes and then embody as a woman for several lifetimes. I know this is a topic that makes many people uncomfortable, but the fact is that those of us who are today male ascended masters have in many cases, many lifetimes as a woman on earth. And those who are the female ascended masters had many lifetimes as a man when they were in embodiment on earth. 

You ascend only by overcoming your identification with any particular role here on earth. You do understand that earth is not a high planet, earth is a planet that is very much affected by the duality consciousness. Of course, you cannot ascend without freeing yourself from the dualistic consciousness and this means that many of the roles, many of the identities, that people have built here on earth, are based on duality, are influenced by the fallen consciousness. In order to overcome your identification with these roles, it is very helpful that you embody in many different situations. 

That is why we have said to you during this conference that we do not look upon you as Koreans, we look upon you as spiritual beings. We do not look at Americans as Americans, we look at them as spiritual beings and the same holds true for everyone, of course. We do not look at the outer overcoat that you are wearing right now, in a form of your national and even your family identity. We look at who you are as a spiritual being who has a long history, but also has a divine individuality and therefore this is what we seek to work with, to help you overcome your identification with your immediate environment. 

We have said before, and it is important to keep this in mind, that it is inevitable that when you are embodied, when you take embodiment on earth, you forget the Divine plan you made before you came into embodiment. You forget who you are as an ongoing being. You are born and you come to identify yourself with your family, your culture, your nationality, but in order to really walk the spiritual path, you need to actually go through a period where you look at this and you come to realize that you are not that outer identity. This is not who you are, this is a vehicle that you chose for this particular embodiment and you need to look at what are the elements of that vehicle that can actually help you grow? 

There are always certain positive things you can learn from the culture and the nationality, but there are also certain things you need to overcome, you need to transcend, you need to pull yourself away from and realize: “Oh, I am not actually this kind of a limited being as my culture says that we are.” Every culture has certain limitations that it puts on the members of that culture. Most cultures on earth today, of course, cause people to identify themselves as human beings who have very limited abilities. You need to recognize that this is just an overcoat you are wearing, and you need to take it off and reconnect to who you are as a being who has a very, very long history. 

All of you have embodied on earth long before any of the current nations even existed. Therefore, you cannot, if you are in your last embodiment, identify yourself with a particular nation or culture; even with the sex of your body, you cannot identify yourself as an exclusively male or female being. You are a spiritual being who is beyond any of these outer characteristics.

So yes, there are indeed ascended masters from Korean history, but they are not known under the name they had when they were embodied in Korea. They are now known under a more universal name.




Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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