Ascended Masters

Do the ascended masters miss anything about being in physical embodiment on earth?
There is no division in the ascended realm
Why haven’t we heard any of Yogananda’s dictations?
The light body of ascended master does not have a sex as it is conceived on earth
Ascended masters interact with each other in an entirely different way than people on earth
Incarnation of ascended being
Etheric retreats of the masters
Are some spiritual beings born in a special way
Why so few dictations from Kuthumi?
Are ascended masters from particular nations?
How the masters work with us
The masters taking on form
About Saint Germain
Is an ascended master God-free?
How to know that the ascended masters are real
Kuan Yin will stay with earth
Embodying the qualities of Master MORE
Guru Ma’s position in the spiritual realm
Shri Yukteswar and Lahiri Mahasaya
The Great White Throne?
Helios and Vesta plus Alpha and Omega plus the trinity
Do the ascended masters feel frustrated?
How do the ascended masters envision their relationship with us on earth?
The ascended masters do not work with UFOs
Why do the ascended masters need to have council meetings?
Judas Thomas
Was Mary Magdalene black?
Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 lifestreams who descended to earth
An ascended being has the opportunity for further growth
Your spiritual lineage
Our spiritual parents
Paramahansa Yogananda is today an ascended master
Lady Master Portia, the Goddess of Justice
Krishna brought the knowledge of the Christ to the East
Ascended master John the Beloved
Sanat Kumara and Maldek

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New answers


We are putting answers from the Liberate Women webinar on the Ascended Master Answers website.

Some answers talk about the Corona situation.

Click here.





Webinar instead of Kazakhstan and U.S. conferences


I have updated the events page with new information about the webinars for this summer/fall. More detials will follow shortly.





Sound files webinar


The sound files for the Holland 2020 webinar are now on the subscribers website, in a folder named Women2020.



Webinar times and last call to sign up


For practical reasons, we will not be selling access to the webinar after midnight CEST Friday, May 29th, so if you are planning to attend but have not yet purchased the webinar, please do so before then.
Apparently there has been some confusion about the time difference, so I wanted to clear that up.
The times given for the webinar are based on the time in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is on central European summer time (CEST), which is UTC +2.
The easiest way to figure out the time difference between your location and CEST is to search for time zone converter, or use this link:
Enter your home town first, then enter Copenhagen and the program will give you the time for both locations so you can figure out the difference.

Webinar important info


As of today, Tuesday, June 26th we have sent emails to those who have purchased the webinar for the liberation of women.

If you purchased the webinar and if you have not received the email, please look in your spam folder.

Then, email Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


NOTE: If you have received the email, you do not need to email me.


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