Spiritual perspective on the stock market and financial investments

Question: The masters have said that investing in stocks and bonds is a reflection of the gambling mindset. What is the more productive mindset to have when investing and what are examples of investments that are more aligned with the Golden Age consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

It is very difficult to give investment advice in the current situation because the entire financial system is so taken over by the fallen beings that almost no matter how you invest, at least in the major financial schemes that they have created, you’re tying yourself to the fallen beings and this is, of course, not productive. There are of course, certain investments that can be made and it is more on the lower level or local level or more direct level. It is not impossible to buy stocks if you are careful in selecting companies that are so small that they have not become major objects for the professional traders.

You will see that originally the stock market was created as a way for people to invest in businesses and get a return in the form of dividends when the company made a profit. This was a way for companies to raise capital for expansion without going through the banks. There are still some companies that are so small that they have not really caught the eye of the Wall Street investors because what the Wall Street investors do, of course, is they don’t care about dividends. They care about inflating the value of a stock so they can get enough people to jump on the bandwagon and buy this stock, not based on the value of the company or the dividends they might get but based on the gambling mindset that the stock will increase in value. Then of course the traders sell the stock, they artificially lower the value, some people get disillusioned, they sell their stock at a lower value and then the investors buy it again and increase the value and this goes on ad infinitum. Then every time, whether the stock goes up or down the investors are making money and the ordinary people out there are losing money. So you do not want to tie yourself to that.

There are of course other more long-term, more secure investments—various bonds, government bonds and so on—that are more secure. You could say that precious metals are a secure form of investment but not necessarily because even the price of precious metals has been so manipulated by the fallen beings. You will see, for example, in previous decades many ascended master students invested in gold because they felt that if there was a crisis situation then gold would retain its value or go up in value. But for many years and decades it didn’t go up in value because there wasn’t a crisis situation. Then you saw a few years ago that gold did go up and now it has started to go down again. So there is no safe bet here because everything, almost everything, is manipulated. So you can take the measures I have given you but it actually requires you to study this, to put your attention on this because if you think you can let some hedge fund or other money manager manage your investment then you can be sure that you will be tied into the fallen beings and you might make money but is that really the way you want to make the money, by tying yourself into these schemes?

You see my beloved, I’m not here trying to give you this doomsday prophecy that the markets are going to collapse any minute and you’re going to lose everything. The markets might collapse, as I’ve said, because when you build a financial bubble then that is the only way to get people out of that state of consciousness. But even if the markets don’t collapse and they continue to go up—because you can look back if you take a long-term view of the stock market, you can say that, yes, there was a downturn in 2008 and there was a major crisis. But if you look back thirty years and see that you had bought stock in a certain company thirty years ago, it would have increased tremendously in value. This is of course true but this is an artificial raising of value created by the fallen beings and it has created this entire bubble economy. As I’m saying, you have to evaluate: Do you want to tie yourself into this? Do you want to be tied to this? It’s not really a matter of whether you lose money or not but it’s a matter of using your discernment and saying, “Is this really congruent with my level of Christ discernment, with my level of consciousness?” There will come a point where it isn’t the most important thing for you to make money. It is to be in alignment in your actions with your state of consciousness.


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