How to approach ascended master teaching

Question: I want to be free from all unbalanced and negative things. These are for example, any kind of addictions: alcohol, tobacco, sexual desire, psychological disability, disease, and inferiority complex or due to lack of ability and education and the chain of material poverty. I would very much like to get healed to restore balance and be free from these matters. What should I know, change and do to achieve this?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019. 

Study and apply the teachings. That is why we have released all of these teachings that are designed to help you accomplish this. But you, first of all, need to make a switch in the mind. Because it is very common (and we have seen this many times), that when people first find the teachings of the ascended masters, they are still affected by their previous religious upbringing and culture. And they are many religions around the world where people have this form of magical thinking where they think that the purpose of their religious practice is that there will be some intercession from above that will relieve them of all their problems. 

So many people around the world pray to me, for example, because they want some kind of miraculous intercession that takes away their problems without them having to change anything. So you need to make the switch in mind that the purpose of the ascended masters is not to be like a genie in a bottle, where you rub the lamp and we come out and say what is your wish, and then we fulfill it. The purpose is to empower you to solve your own problems, to transcend your own problems by transcending your state of consciousness. So this is how you need to make that switch so you approach our teachings that way. Where you're not expecting us to do the work for you, but you take responsibility for changing your own state of consciousness. And when your state of consciousness changes, then your outer situation will also begin to change. As we have said many times, there must first be a change in consciousness before there can be a change in the physical. 


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