Passing an initiation is not an automatic result of doing the outer practice

Question:  What do you have to say to an ascended master student who doesn’t give the invocations of a chapter for 33 days because maybe she needs some newness and moves faster but then she feels a bit lost because she has not passed any initiations? However, she works on her psychology diligently and feels she has made progress on it but feels she is disorganized with books. Does the person pass the initiation?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The guidelines we give you about giving an invocation for nine days or 33 days are just guidelines. You need to be sensitive to your individual needs and you cannot reason that just because you haven’t followed the rules, you haven’t passed the initiation because we have never promised you that if you give an invocation for 33 days you will have passed the initiation. Passing an initiation is not an automatic result of doing the outer practice because there has to be a shift in consciousness. The invocations are designed to help you attain that shift but in the end, a decision has to be made and it has to be a somewhat aware decision where you see something you didn’t see before and then you shift. So there is no guarantee that this will happen and this is one of the reasons why there are some people that get results from using invocations and other people don’t. 

But if you are in doubt about whether you have passed an initiation then it actually shows that you haven’t passed it because you haven’t shifted in consciousness. If you had shifted you would experience that you have changed and therefore you wouldn’t even have the question of whether you have passed that initiation. You would just be moving on looking for the next thing to deal with in your psychology. Again you cannot then reason that “Oh, well I didn’t do it for 33 days so now I need to go back and do it for 33 days and then I will have passed the initiation.” It is as I said - something that requires you to see something and then make a decision and then you have shifted. So when you feel you haven’t passed an initiation, don’t be too hard on yourself about this. Don’t become frantic and say, “Oh now I really have to focus on this” and instead of giving it once a day for 33 days I’m going to give it three times a day. This isn’t necessarily going to help you. There are sometimes were you actually need to say, “Okay, then I put that initiation on the shelf for now. I move on to something else.” And then you may find that as time moves along then suddenly you will have an insight and then you will shift in consciousness. 

It isn’t possible to force a shift in consciousness if you’re not ready for it. You see my beloved, a shift in consciousness does happen at the physical level but before you can shift in the physical, in many cases you need to first have some resolution in the identity, mental and emotional realms. So when you give an invocation you start invoking energy that resolves the energies or transmutes the energies in those higher bodies and then that might in fact take some time before you’re ready to have the conscious shift. So it may take longer than 33 days and that’s why again, don’t become frantic about this, don’t seek to force it but just give it a little bit of time and move on with something else. Take your mind off it so you’re not stressing about it and let things unfold. 


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