How to attain the state of inner peace

Question: After giving an invocation or decree, I feel at peace and can feel the spiritual energy. As I go on with my day however, this feeling often begins to leak away. If I am unable to give another decree, is there a practical way to extend this feeling of peace?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The practical way is not an immediate way. I cannot give you a teaching that will help you instantly shift because the reality is that as you are giving an invocation, you are invoking the light. You are also raising yourself beyond your normal state of awareness, your normal reactionary patterns. That is why you feel at peace. But then, of course, as you go through your day, depending on what you encounter during that day, you go back into some of these reactionary patterns. You might switch back into how you look at life in general; in other words, you’re beginning to react based -for example - on your primal self and that’s what dissipates the energies and takes away your peace. So there isn’t really a way to switch instantly back to the peaceful state until you have started resolving that primal self and made peace with being on earth.

At the moment you make peace with being on earth then you can actually carry that state of peace with you. Some of you will find that once you make peace, you don’t need to give an invocation to attain that state of peace. You just have it. That doesn’t mean you can’t give invocations but you don’t give them for that reason. So it is really a matter of looking at: What is my basic reaction, like Jesus said, “my modus operandi”? How do I relate to life on earth? What is it that takes my peace? What is it that disturbs me? Then use the tools in the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas book to get to the bottom of this. Even if you are one of the original earth inhabitants, when the fallen beings came to earth you created a self in reaction to them and that is what takes away your peace. It is, of course, difficult to be at peace on a planet where there are fallen beings but once you overcome that reactionary pattern, you can actually feel at peace. 


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