The illusions we take on to descend to the 48th level of consciousness

Question: For the first embodiment on Earth, we took on illusions to descend to the 48th level of consciousness. Where and how did we take on these illusions and what are these illusions, how do they differ for different life streams?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

You took on the illusions as you created the four lower bodies, so some of the illusions are specific to the identity realm, some to the mental, some to the emotional and some finally to the physical. Some of them are described in the Course on the Path to Self Mastery where the Chohans take you up through the levels of consciousness from the 48th to the 96th. The 96th I will not describe here because obviously there are many illusions and some of them will be described in future teachings. 

Some of them have already been described and some of them you simply need to discover them for yourself. The illusions are general in the sense that there is a general illusion for each level of consciousness. But of course in the mind of an individual they can take on a certain colouring, a certain shade that is unique to the individual. 


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