Who am I? - The answer is a reflection of your current state of consciousness

TOPICS: Ask your self who you are as long as you are in embodiment - don’t think you know everything and no longer need to self-transcend - the answer you can receive right now is a reflection of your state of consciousness - remain humble - some gurus have based  their identity on ego’s interpretation of a genuine but limited answer - cannot be fully enlightened while in embodiment -

Question: We have many earthly goals and somewhere on the website you said that in order to attain Christ consciousness we must be willing to let our goals die. I have met a man who in the centeredness of his heart was asking himself, "Who am I?" and after some time he discovered his true identity in God. Should we before any earthly things do something like this, asking ourselves "Who am I"?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is indeed a good idea to ask yourself who you are. Only you need to continue to do so while you are in physical embodiment. For who are you really?

Well, you are who you think you are and as long as you are in the duality consciousness, you have something you can transcend and become more. So even though it is good to ask yourself, "Who am I?" and even though you can receive an answer of who you are in God, do not fall into the trap of thinking you have received a final answer and now you no longer need to ask.

This is what has happened, indeed, to many people, who have had some spiritual attainment, who have received some vision or direction. Yet, they have then used it to think that now they knew everything they needed to know or they had climbed as high as they needed to climb. And thus, without any evil intentions, they have essentially become false teachers, deluding themselves and misleading others into thinking that they have attained some final state of enlightenment or attainment.

Thus, it is good to ask, but it is also good to continue to ask, for I must tell you that the answer you can receive right now is a reflection of your current state of consciousness, in the sense that the answer you can receive is limited by the openness of your mind and heart—the openness to receive the answer. And so as you receive an answer that is suitable for your current state of consciousness, if you fully internalize that answer, you can raise your consciousness. And then you are ready to receive an even higher answer.

That is why I will impress upon you that it is good to ask, "Who am I?" but you need to continue to ask it—and be realistic and realize that you cannot receive the full answer as long as you are in physical embodiment. This is the folly of some who have climbed the spiritual path to a certain level, who have done many outer things and now they think they know all—and they know who they are and so they have not anymore the humbleness of heart to continue to ask the question with the open mind of a little child, being willing to receive whatever answer comes to them.

They have then allowed their egos to take a previous answer – that was a valid answer for the level of consciousness they had when they received it – but which their egos have now turned into a closed mental box—that in some cases they have used to set themselves up compared to others or gather followers who now revere them as some kind of guru who has attained some final state.

My beloved, it is possible to attain some state of enlightenment while you are in embodiment. But do not be fooled into thinking that there has ever been a person who has walked the earth in a physical body while having attained the highest possible state of consciousness.

This is what I have commented on before—that there is no one who is God incarnate on earth in the fullest sense of that word. And therefore no one has the full absolute authority over anyone else.





Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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