Some creative people insist that taking drugs helped their spiritual growth

TOPICS: Learn from near-death experiences - risk versus reward - drug culture inspired by dark forces - drugs suspend your free will - your energy field is unprotected when you are “high” - draining your vital energies - false visions from dark forces - the contrast between peak experiences and daily awareness - how addiction starts - shattering your sense of identity - cannot fight force with force - a true guru will NEVER recommend drugs - outer will and inner will - brain chemistry can simulate spiritual experiences - drugs can destroy the circuitry of the brain - the ego lie that you can control drug use - God or mammon -

Question: Dear Jesus, You have many times in your discourses warned against the use of drugs and I agree many drugs are harmful. But what of hallucinogens such as psylocybin and LSD? There are many creative people such as Alex Grey, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Ram Dass, etc. etc who have found these substances useful, and indeed the esoteric tradition of Mahayana Buddhism allows for the use of 'substances' in certain cases.

For an individual mired in the Kali Yuga, they can provide essential insights needed to assist the seeker on his/her way to Christ consciousness, I believe.
In my own case, I truly believe that had it not been for these substances, I would still have no awareness of either the spiritual world nor would I have an awareness of states existing beyond ego-consciousness. I speak as a long time meditator, student of religion, and chanter of mantras and affirmations.
In other words, I would certainly not be at this stage writing to you or entertaining ideas such as those posted on your site if it had not been for certain experiences I had negotiated on those substances. I would have no idea what you're talking about and I would probably be out getting drunk and having indiscriminate sex and avoiding the issue of my spiritual growth entirely. I understand now that the doorway to Christhood actually is also the doorway to bliss. And the doorway to bliss opens the heart and endows one with unconditional compassion.
I believe this is a powerful incentive to those who want to progress beyond the limited ego. In short, why are ALL drugs bad? Is it because they cut out the middle man of the chela/guru relationship? Surely some drug experiences, like all confronting experiences, can dissolve the ego boundaries and hasten the seeker on towards christhood.
Please point out the huge fallacies in what I am saying, as my christ discernment has deserted me on this issue.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


First of all, let me thank you for asking a question that is important to many spiritual seekers—given that so many people in today’s world have taken drugs in some form. Let me also compliment you for demonstrating that you are willing to attain a higher understanding than what you believe based on your experiences to this point. This is the attitude of a true spiritual seeker. So let me give you some thoughts to ponder.

Thought 1
There is a large, and ever-growing, number of people who have had a near-death experience. For many of them, the experience was life-changing. While out of the body, these lifestreams experienced a level of reality that many of them had not known or had denied all their lives. They received profound insights and visions that transformed their lives. Obviously, for many people, having a near-death experience was beneficial to their spiritual growth. The only problem is that they had to die to have the experience.

Do you think I would recommend the creation of clinics where people were put to death in such a way that there was a high chance of resuscitating them? If you think so, watch the movie “Flatliners” and you will see why I don’t recommend this.

Thought 2
My point for this somewhat melodramatic opening thought is to show you that although I want all people to experience maximum spiritual growth, I want them to have this growth in a way that is completely safe. So you have to evaluate the risk versus the potential reward. If you have cancer, chemotherapy might be – given the current, rather primitive, level of medical science – your only chance of survival. Chemotherapy is an attempt to kill the cancer—if it doesn’t kill your body first. In other words, it is a very high-risk procedure, and if there was a safer alternative, no sane person would use it.

It is true that certain drugs can help people have experiences beyond their normal level of awareness. In some cases this can open a person to the existence of something beyond the material world, and this awareness can have a lasting effect. However, this recognition can be obtained in many ways that are far safer than using drugs. My point being that you have to evaluate the risks before you can asses the real value. The problem is that in today’s world there is little teaching about the spiritual risks associated with taking drugs. Therefore, most people have been misled into taking drugs without knowing what can happen. To me this is such an obvious violation of free will that spiritual seekers should be able to see that the entire drug culture could only have been inspired by dark forces seeking to steal people’s spiritual light.

What are some of the risks? Let us consider the reason most people don’t have spiritual experiences. As I explain throughout this website, the basis for having a spiritual experience is that you turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to a level of reality beyond the material universe. What prevents many people from turning the dial is that they identify so strongly with the material universe/physical body/outer personality that they cannot let go of their normal sense of awareness and identity. One might think this is in opposition to people’s spiritual growth, but that is not necessarily the case.

Everything in this world revolves around people’s free will. Your conscious mind is meant to be a guardian that protects your lifestream. One aspect of this protection is that you can decide that there are certain energies, ideas or forces that you do not want to allow into the energy field of your lifestream. Yet when you take drugs, you suspend your ability to make conscious choices, and thus your conscious mind – overpowered by the hallucinations produced by the drugs – can no longer make free choices.

In reality, free will is a gift that comes with responsibility—as does every other true gift. One might say that you choose to take drugs, so you are simply exercising your free will. However, the consequence of your choice is that you give away your ability to make choices. And according to the Law of Free Will, giving away the power to choose makes you vulnerable to the forces that roam this world, seeking whom they may devour. If you doubt that such forces exist, consider why most drug users eventually have a “bad trip.”

The ugly fact is that while you are under the influence of drugs, your energy field is no longer protected by your conscious will. So unless you have a high degree of spiritual protection, you are likely to be invaded by dark forces that steal your light. They can do this because while you are under the influence of drugs, you cannot consciously hold back your light and are much more likely to give it away. When you have a genuine spiritual experience, you will feel filled with light. This light might flush out unresolved wounds or even dark forces from your subconscious mind. While you are processing or letting go of this darkness, your body and mind can become tired, as when you are battling an illness.

Yet a genuine spiritual experience will not drain you of your basic life energy, your life force. Therefore, such experiences put you in an upward spiral. Taking drugs on an ongoing basis will drain your vital energy, and this puts you in a downward spiral. That is why you see so many of the “creative” people who use drugs looking older than their actual age. That is also why people gradually slip deeper and deeper into addiction—their resistance is eventually lowered beyond the point of no return.

You mention that some people have received spiritual insights as a result of using drugs, but how reliable were those insights? I can assure you that many people have, by taking drugs, invited dark forces into their energy fields. Such dark forces do not want to give you spiritual truth, because they don't want to set you free, they want to control you for their own selfish ends. Yet they will often give people some spiritual insights in order to keep them coming back for more. Mixed in with the truth are subtle lies, and unfortunately many sincere spiritual seekers have, while under the influence of drugs, come to accept certain erroneous ideas that prevent them from rising above a certain level of the path. You see, the dark forces and your ego don't mind that you rise to a certain level and feel like you are a very spiritual person—as long as you keep feeding them energy and never rise high enough to escape their control.

To evaluate the risk of using drugs, you need to carefully consider the danger of addiction. The problem here is that when you force an experience beyond ordinary consciousness, you might not be ready to integrate that experience into your daily awareness. You will not be able to handle the immense contrast between the “peak” experience and your normal daily awareness. This can happen also when people have spontaneous spiritual experiences or near-death experiences. However, when people have an experience as a result of taking drugs, the situation is different, because people produced that experience by their own will and by mechanical means, so they can repeat it any time.

This sets up an immense temptation to take another dose of drugs, and it can quickly develop into an attempt to run away from your daily state of consciousness. This leads to an emotional addiction that can quickly – depending on the drug used – develop into a chemical addiction. In other words, the emotions become addicted before the body does.

The problem here is that when you repeat the experience, you are not likely to integrate any insights you might have into your daily awareness. So you are not actually growing spiritually, because the true definition of spiritual growth is not the peak experiences you have (however they come about). In reality, having peak experiences is not nearly as important as many spiritual seekers make it out to be. The real driving force of spiritual growth is the intuitive insights that help you integrate spiritual ideas into your everyday awareness. 


The true measure of growth is that you truly raise your “normal” state of consciousness instead of just being spiritual while having peak experiences. It is the goal of the ascended masters to raise the consciousness of humankind. To do that, we don’t need millions of people sitting in caves in the Himalayas, experiencing constant bliss. We need millions of people who participate in life with some degree of Christ consciousness, so they can bring Christed solutions to everyday problems.

Thought 3
One might think that any experience beyond the ordinary, materialistic awareness would be beneficial to spiritual growth. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If a lifestream is not ready for the experience, the lifestream can be so shocked that its sense of identity can be shattered. For many lifestreams, their sense of identity is very fragile. They need a solid, meaning materialistic, foundation for their sense of identity or they will be thrown into an identity crises. A forced spiritual experience – whether it is forced through drugs or other means (such as unbalanced use of spiritual exercises) – can have profoundly negative effects that can take years or lifetimes to heal. That is why I continually state that the spiritual path is a gradual process and that you need to approach it in a balanced manner.

My point is that forcing a spiritual experience will not necessarily lead to spiritual growth. It will often have the opposite effect, and the deciding factor is the lifestream’s level of spiritual maturity—or lack of it. As a general rule, I would say that if a lifestream is not ready, forcing an experience will delay the lifestream’s progress. And when the lifestream is ready, the spiritual experience will occur without forcing it. That is why I said:


And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12)


That statement is still valid, and one of the ways in which people seek to take a spiritual experience before they are ready for it is by taking drugs. One might say that I am contradicting myself by saying that everything revolves around free will but that you should not willingly force a spiritual experience. Yet this seems contradictory only when you are trapped in a dualistic way of thinking, which makes you susceptible to the belief that the ends can justify the means. When you think this way, you reason something like this:

  • The goal is a higher state of consciousness and this is a very important goal.
  • To attain this state of awareness, I need spiritual experiences.
  • I haven’t had any so far. I have tried spiritual techniques but they didn’t work. By taking a drug, I am guaranteed to have such experiences.
  • Therefore, taking a drug is a perfectly logical way to enhance my spiritual growth.

One could write a long philosophical discourse on the problems with this line of reasoning, but let us stay on target. The real problem here is that you are trying to use the dualistic state of consciousness to overcome dualism, and that simply cannot be done. You cannot fight force with force because doing so only drives you even deeper into duality. It is a spiritual catch-22.

The essence of the spiritual path is that you are trapped in duality and separation. The goal is to overcome duality and separation, yet the reasoning above springs from duality. One might say you are attempting to attain a worthy goal but using means that cannot get you to that goal. One might also say you do not fully understand the goal and the appropriate means to get there. Instead, what you really need to do in order to have genuine spiritual experiences is to surrender the elements of your current mental box. It is through surrender, not force, that you make real progress. 

Thought 4
You ask whether taking drugs is an attempt to “cut out the middle man of the chela/guru relationship,” and the answer is that it depends on what kind of guru you are talking about. A true guru, one who is working under the lineage of the ascended masters, will NEVER recommend drugs for any student. It simply isn’t done by us, period! The reason is partly that the risks are too great, but the real reason is that drugs do circumvent the guru-chela relationship. Why would you need a guru when you can just take a pill?

In connection with the previous thought, here is the central dilemma in human existence and on the spiritual path. Everything is subject to your free will, yet most people are not exercising their free will. They are letting their egos make most choices for them, as explained by the Presence of God’s Will. So to truly walk the spiritual path, you must use your conscious will to decide that you will go beyond the outer will of the ego and connect to the inner will of your I AM Presence.

This process can be difficult and confusing, especially for the beginning student. That is why we offer the guru-chela, or master-disciple, relationship. The basic principle here is that the student surrenders his outer, ego-based, will to the master. This gives the student a temporary reprieve from the confusion of having to battle his outer will or discerning between the ego’s will and the higher will. The master is making decisions for the student, the master is more spiritually mature than the student and is outside the student’s mental box. Therefore, the master can gradually guide the student to a greater discernment between the lower will and the true will. The master knows how to guide each individual student, and this might entail not allowing a student to have a spiritual experience until the student is ready for it. For an excellent description of this process, read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Again, based on the previous thought, it should be possible to see that when you take a drug, it is the outer will that decides to do so. So you are making the essential error of thinking that you can use the outer will, the will of the ego, to escape the ego. This simply cannot be done. The only way is to transcend the ego, and to do that you must make contact with something higher. However, that something is not really a spiritual experience. The real escape is to contact your Christ self and gradually merge with that self so you have a permanent transformation of consciousness.

My point is that having a powerful spiritual experience will not necessarily and automatically enhance your spiritual growth. If you are not ready to integrate the experience, it can be a distraction or even a hindrance. When you work with an outer guru (physical or ascended) or the inner guru of your Christ self, you are essentially admitting that your ego will never know when you are ready for a spiritual experience. Thus, you are setting aside the will of the ego and submitting to a higher will, trusting that when you are ready, you will have the experiences you need. Instead of taking heaven by force, you are following my call:


In your patience possess ye your souls. (Luke 21:19)


The ego always thinks it knows best, even better than a spiritual teacher or God. But if you follow the ego, the ego becomes your guru, and how can it take you beyond the duality from which it was born?

Thought 5
You know from medical science that when a person has open brain surgery, it is possible to physically or electrically stimulate specific centers of the brain and produce certain experiences in the patient’s mind, including spiritual experiences. This fact has been used by some scientists as “proof” that all religion and spirituality is the product of brain chemistry. This is a flawed reasoning. In reality, the brain is the interface between the lifestream and the body. When your lifestream is in the body, it experiences everything through the brain, including a spiritual experience. As I said, when you have a spiritual experience, you turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to the spiritual realm. This can be done through the brain because the brain has centers that facilitate such an experience.

Because the brain has the physical machinery for a spiritual experience, it is possible to stimulate the brain into producing what seems like a genuine experience. This can be done through physical, electrical, magnetic and chemical stimuli. The problem is that this is not a genuine spiritual experience. It is an experience produced by the brain, and while it may seem very authentic, it is not the real thing. It is like the difference between watching a movie of a beautiful beach and actually being physically present on that beach. My point being that the majority of drug-induced “spiritual” experiences are not genuine.

In all fairness, it must be stated that a few people have actually had out-of-body experiences as a result of taking drugs. In that case, it is possible that a lifestream can travel to the spiritual realm and have a genuine experience while the brain is under the influence of drugs. In rare cases, the lifestream might actually have some memory of the genuine experience. The problem here is that there is a great risk that a lifestream can go to lower realms instead of the spiritual realm—and this risk is much higher for people who are willing to take heaven by force. If a lifestream has the spiritual maturity to go to the spiritual realm, that lifestream could easily learn to have genuine spiritual experiences without drugs. It would mainly take a correct understanding of the need to surrender the outer will of the ego and connect to the higher will. Obviously, spiritual techniques and studies can be a great help.

My point is that if a lifestream is mature enough to have genuine spiritual experiences from drugs without being trapped in the risks, that lifestream really doesn’t need the drugs. Unfortunately, there are examples of many such lifestreams who got caught up in the drug culture and ended up in addiction instead of having the spiritual breakthrough for which they were almost ready.

Thought 6
The fact that the brain’s machinery can handle the intense energies of a spiritual experience brings up the most severe risk concerning drug use. The circuitry in the brain that allows for a spiritual experience is very complex, and thus rather delicate. You know very well that if you take an appliance that is designed for 110 Volt and plug it into a 220 Volt outlet, you will destroy the circuitry. Likewise, hallucinogenic drugs can damage the circuitry that allows the brain to facilitate a spiritual experience.

That is why most of the people who take drugs will need progressively larger doses in order to get the same experience. The explanation is that the circuitry gradually becomes damaged, so it takes more “power” to get the “lights” to go on. This, of course, becomes a vicious circle that often ends up in chemical addiction. Many people have damaged their brains to such an extent that they can no longer have a genuine spiritual experience. Yet they can still force the brain to produce the look-a-like. Such people often think they are very spiritual, but "its all in the brain."

Thought 7
What do you do if you have taken drugs? That depends on whether you are still taking them. If you are still using drugs, even on an irregular basis, I strongly urge you to STOP IMMEDIATELY. You might have heard the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you are open to the teachings on this website, you are at a level where drugs will do absolutely nothing for your spiritual growth. Even if you thought you needed drugs in the past, you no longer need them.

Be aware that the ego thinks it knows everything, so it will tell you that you are one of the people who can take drugs and keep it under control—you can do what other people can't do. This is the main reason why some "creative" people have used drugs for a lifetime, and it shows you they are controlled by the pride of their egos—which truly is not very creative.

I know there are people who are firmly convinced that they have not been harmed by taking drugs and that it has accelerated their spiritual growth. Let us assume this is true. If so, there can be only one reason, namely that you are an advanced lifestream and that you have great spiritual protection. If that is the case, you should realize that a truly advanced lifestream does not need drugs to have a spiritual experience, and it is time to throw away the crutch. If you can't give up drugs, perhaps you are not really as advanced as you think.

You should also consider that spiritual protection is a grace that can be used up. If you have earned spiritual protection in past lives, you can get away with many things in this life. Yet if you continue to tempt God, your protection might run out and then I can assure you that drugs will suddenly have a very different effect on you—as you see in the lives of some "creative" people. Also, if you have protection, be very careful about getting other people to use drugs. If they don't have the same protection, they will be affected differently and you will make karma by influencing them.


If you recognize truth on this website, it is time to come up higher by heeding Paul’s advice:


When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1Corinthians 13:11)


If you have already stopped taking drugs, congratulations! Simply focus on making spiritual progress and don’t blame yourself. However, be aware that you need to seriously consider the need to surrender the anti-will of the ego to the higher will of either an outer guru or the inner guru of your Christ self. I recommend the Rosary to God’s Will for this purpose, especially a 33-day vigil. I would also highly recommend that you use spiritual techniques, such as Mother Mary’s invocations and the decrees, to repair the brain’s machinery by invoking spiritual energy. You can also use various methods to cleanse the body from the chemical residue of the drugs, which can linger in the brain for a long time and block spiritual experiences.

In conclusion, let me say that while a few people have become more open to the spiritual side of life by using drugs, these lifestreams could have attained the same – and in many cases better – results by following a genuine spiritual teaching. Therefore, I strongly recommend that anyone who is open to this website avoids drugs or does whatever it takes to escape their downward pull. You cannot serve two masters!

Thought 8
As far as the many creative people who have taken drugs, there is a fundamental difference between being a creative person and being a genuine spiritual teacher. You simply have to decide whom you will follow, whom you will make your guru. If you select a guru or role-model, that guru can take you no higher than his own state of consciousness. Do you really want to go where these “creative” people are in consciousness, or would you rather go where I am in consciousness?

To help you make that choice, I recommend you study my discourse, Follow me, not Peter! and absorb its inner meaning. You cannot serve God and mammon, and “mammon” is a symbol for the consciousness of this world, the desire to glorify the ego, which is what causes people to attempt to take heaven by force.





Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

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