It takes a very long time for a lifestream to evolve

Question: I have a question about the book “My Lives.” When we increase our awareness, we rise in consciousness, for example we go from the 48th to 96th level, etc. But while I was reading this book it seems to me that even if you are at a very high level of consciousness, for example, 142nd or 143rd level, it seems that some people take about 2,000 or 10,000 years to ascend. Does that mean that people can fall below their level of consciousness and start to rise up again? How does progress on the path work? Is it linear where we can only go upwards or is it up and down and takes 2 million years time to reach that point?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

In order to simplify things for you we often start out giving a new teaching about a new topic in a relatively simple linear way in order to not make it overly complicated or to discourage you. One of the main purposes of this book is of course to challenge many people's illusions and to give many ideas and concepts that are deliberately provocative. 

One of the things we wanted to put out there was the perspective that it actually takes a very long time for a lifestream to evolve.  This is something that will be offensive to many ascended master students who have gotten the impression based on our teachings that you can actually ascend in this lifetime. We have never said that all human beings on earth can ascend in this lifetime even if they have accepted and applied an ascended master teaching. You cannot make the leap from a lower level of consciousness to the 144th level in one lifetime.

However, it is possible of course to ascend in this lifetime for those who in past lives have reached a certain level of consciousness. It is still important for you to have this perspective, that those of you who are ready to ascend are relatively old lifestream's. You have incarnated many, many times not necessarily on earth but certainly on other planets, whether they were natural or unnatural. This is important for you to know. You need to recognize here (as we have said now several times in this class) that spiritual growth is not a theoretical intellectual linear thing. It is not a matter of understanding something - it is a matter of experiencing something because only then does it become anchored in your being.

It is perfectly true that up until you actually ascend, you could choose to go down again. It would be difficult at the higher levels to actually go into the fallen consciousness but anytime that you are above the 48th level it is difficult to go into the fallen consciousness. The exception to that is when you are at the 96th level and must decide whether you are going to continue to seek to elevate yourself or whether you are going to seek to elevate the whole instead of setting yourself above other people.

That is one of those crucial points where you can actually go into the fallen consciousness. I am not saying you are falling because you can't do that until your sphere ascends but you can go into the fallen consciousness. There are actually rare instances where people have gone directly from the 96th level to one of the lower levels of consciousness in one big fall, you might say. It is possible that you can come to a certain level of consciousness and then you can decide, there is actually an aspect of earth that I haven't experienced and I want to experience this.

This means that you can take quite some time to be at a certain level of consciousness or you can even go some levels below in order to have that experience.

You can look at the earth today and you can say, for over a hundred years now we have publicly given teachings through various messengers. We have for quite some time given the concept of ascended masters and the ascension. When you look at how many people have actually responded to this, it is a very small percentage of the total population, why is that? There are ascended master students throughout the decades who have had a dream that one day all people would recognise ascended master teachings. That of course isn't our dream. Naturally we do see the potential that there can come a point where many people know the concept of ascended masters because it has as the previous messengers said become a household word. That isn't quite still the same as that they are ready to actually implement ascended master teachings and make their ascension at the end of this lifetime.

In order to be ready to make your ascension you have to actually have experienced everything that you want to experience on earth. You have to realise that even if you rise to say the 120th level of consciousness, you may still at that level of consciousness come to the awareness, that for a variety of reasons including the resolution of something in your psychology, you want to experience a certain situation on earth. Then you can decide to come into embodiment again in a certain environment where you can have that experience. The other people in that environment may be at a much lower level than the 120th level. 

This can cause you to (so to speak) temporarily lower your consciousness in a certain way in order to be able to interact with these people and have the experience you want to have. This doesn't mean of course if you go down to the 85th level for example:- that now you have to climb all the way back up. It becomes much easier for you to get back up once you have had that experience. As with all teachings we give you, we are trying to give you a teaching that is - we judge that you can deal with, that you can handle at the present level.

When you look at a planet like earth, it is such a diverse, such a complex planet, that there are so many individual scenarios, that you can't really give a teaching that applies to all. It is again a matter of what does an individual life stream need to have of experiences before it feels it has had enough of something. This can take a very long time. You also need to incorporate in this scenario that, we are not saying (and the book isn't actually saying either) that a person is in embodiment continually on earth for 2 million years. Most of us especially when you reach higher levels of consciousness can have quite a long time in earth time where we are not in embodiment. In some cases we embody on other planets, in some cases we take a time out in the etheric realm. That is why it is not a guarantee that a life stream has been in embodiment but could have taken a break even for several thousand years. So the reality (so to speak) is more complex than even what we talk about in the book. You have to recognize that even though this book is as provocative as it is, it’s still only a fraction of what actually could be said. That is why there may indeed be other books forthcoming that will in a similar, well not in a similar but also in a story form, give other teachings. 


Copyright © 2018 Kim Michaels

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