Do we need a structured outer path?

TOPICS: Creators and organizers - creators don’t like structure - both can become unbalanced - swinging between extremes - transcending the extremes - the need for structure - take what is useful - no need to throw away all beliefs - from a fear-based to a love-based approach - no beliefs are final - revelation and ritual - practice spiritual tools to find balance - practical steps to find balance -

Question: Dear Jesus, I have never had a structured outer path to follow. Instead I've picked up lots of ideas from this and that book, therapy, religion, whatever. I believe this has led to my having an unstructured and confusing belief system. I want to throw it all out. Where do I begin? I feel l need an outer path to follow before I can follow the inner path. What do you say to people in my situation?

People say I think too much. They're probably right but I cannot seem to turn it off. Your thoughts?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


There is not necessarily anything wrong with not having a structured outer path. Some people are organizers and have a greater need for structure and stability. Others are creators and have a need to express creativity without being restricted by outer rules and regulations. There are many people in embodiment today who belong to the group of creators, and that is why so many people reject an outer religion or belief system.

I obviously belonged to this group, as do the mystics of all ages. However, this does not mean that creators are more important or somehow better than organizers. Both are equally needed because they are expressions of the expanding force of the Father (creators) and the contracting force of the Mother, as explained by Mother Mary in her discourses.

Both of the two types of people can become unbalanced, and when they do, they tend to go into one of two extremes. The creators refuse to accept any kind of rules and become rebels. The organizers want everything to conform to outer rules and they become judges.

The main idea I seek to get across throughout my website is that the key to spiritual growth is to rise above the relative extremes that spring from the dualistic mind. So when an organizer becomes trapped in the dualistic mind, he goes into the extreme of believing that there is only true religion and that by following all the outer rules of that religion, you will automatically be saved. This is what happened to the scribes and the Pharisees that I encountered 2,000 years ago, and there are many people with that mindset today. They are attracted to the fundamentalist branches of any religion. Or they are attracted to the fundamentalist religion called scientific materialism.

When a creator becomes trapped in the dualistic mind, he tends to reject all kinds of rules or structure. This can lead to the belief that there is no value in any organization or belief system and that any belief is as good as any other belief. In other words, there really is no truth and falsity because it is just a matter of what we want to believe. This is what you see in some people in the New Age movement or people who have rejected all forms of organized religion or structured beliefs.

When a lifestream is extremely unbalanced, it will go into one of the two extremes and stay there for the rest of its life, never questioning its basic approach to religion. When a lifestream has become more mature, it tends to go into one extreme, but it is not at peace with that choice. Pressure keeps building until the lifestream can no longer stand it, and then it flips to the opposite extreme. Such people can swing back and forth between two extremes for a long time, possibly for many lifetimes.

The main message on this website is that there is an alternative to these unbalanced reactions. That alternative is the Christ consciousness which takes you above and beyond the dualistic extremes. This does not mean that you compromise between the two extremes. It means that you rise to a higher state of consciousness than the dualistic mind which created the extremes. Instead of thinking that one extreme is right and must win, you simply leave both extremes behind.

The key to following the middle way of the Christ consciousness is to strive for balance in all things. This does not mean that all people should follow the same type of path or approach spiritual growth in the same way. If you are an organizer, you will need to have a structured path and you will need to be a member of an outer organization. Yes this does not mean that you need to find the most extreme or fanatical organization possible. And you don’t need to become rigid in rejecting all other beliefs than the official doctrines of a particular organization. You can be a member of an organization and still keep your mind open to other teachings and ideas. For example, I have no problem with someone who has been a member of a particular church or religion for a lifetime studying the teachings on this website while still remaining a faithful member of his or her particular religion.

If you are a creator, you might find that many religious organizations are too confining for you. You can then find an organization that is more open or you can follow the spiritual path on your own. Yet this does not mean that you reject all formal belief systems. It means that you study such belief systems and take the ideas you find valuable and practice the rituals that appeal to you.

To return to your question, I can assure you that there are many people who come to a point in their lives where they feel like they are at a crossroads. Their lifestreams realize that the approach they have taken so far cannot get them any further, so they see the need to do something different. This is actually a sign of spiritual maturity.

I understand that this stage can often be a burden to people, and that is why you might feel like throwing all your existing beliefs out the window. However, I encourage you to take a more positive approach. Everything you have done up to this point in your life was done because somewhere in your being you felt that you needed to have that experience in order to learn something and move higher on your personal path. So nothing has been a waste because everything has been a learning opportunity.

Therefore, you don't need to throw away all of your existing beliefs and you don't need to say that your previous approach to religion was wrong. Instead, you simply realize that your existing beliefs and your current approach to religion cannot take you any further. You have reached a certain level, and in order to come up higher, you need to change your approach and open your mind to new ideas.

If you look at the world today, you see that there are two main approaches to religion or spirituality. One is the extremist approach, and as I explained above, there are two versions of it. You might think that a Christian fundamentalist and an New Age person who rejects all structured beliefs are taking opposite approaches to religion. In reality, they both take the approach of believing that their current paradigm is absolute, infallible and complete—and therefore it never needs to change.

My point being that many people approach spirituality from a state of fear. When you are trapped in fear, you have a need to adopt a certain belief system, a certain world view, that can help you cope with your fears. This is what causes people to adopt a world view that they believe is absolute, that they believe could never change and that they believe there is no reason to question or look beyond. In other words, these people think they have it all figured out, and because they have it all figured out, they are saved. And because they are saved, they are able to live with their fears, even though they have done nothing to process and overcome the cause of those fears.

As a lifestream matures, it will eventually come to a crossroad. One on the most significant turning points on the spiritual path is when a lifestream is ready to abandon the fear-based approach to spirituality and move into a love-based approach. We who are the spiritual teachers of humankind are constantly watching all lifestreams evolving on earth. We watch with great anticipation and excitement for the point when a lifestream reaches the crossroads where it realizes that fear no longer works and that it needs to find an approach to spirituality that is based on love. This is when we get excited, for this is when we know that the lifestream is ready to take a major leap forward and open itself to our guidance and direction.

When you are ready to find a love-based approach to spirituality, the best thing you can do is to move into the conscious awareness and decision that none of your beliefs are final, absolute or beyond questioning. In other words, I am not encouraging you to throw away all of your existing beliefs because your lifestream needs a foundation to stand on. What I am encouraging you to do is to decide that you are willing to question any of your existing beliefs and to reach for a higher understanding of any aspect of life. And if you find that a certain belief stands in the way of you acquiring that higher understanding, you are willing to abandon that belief. This is the hallmark of a true spiritual seeker.

Besides adopting this attitude, I would also strongly encourage you to realize that as you need two legs in order to walk, there are two things that will help you walk the spiritual path. I talk about this in much greater detail in the book Save Yourself, but the basic idea is that what drives your spiritual progress is the two Rs, namely revelation and ritual.

Revelation means that you study spiritual teachings with an open mind and a willingness to question any of your existing beliefs, thereby opening yourself to revelation from your Christ self and spiritual teachers. However, in order to experience a stable and constant growth, you need to establish some form of ritual.

Nature is not chaotic and unstructured. Nature has order and rhythm, as you see in the progression of the seasons and in every other aspects of the design of the material universe. So if you think that you can wander through life without any kind of constancy, structure or ritual, you will not make maximum spiritual progress. You will too easily be driven hither and yon by other people or by certain energies or dark forces.

To experience constant progress, you need to find a spiritual technique and practice it on a regular basis. It needs to be an efficient technique that can drive your spiritual progress. There are a number of such techniques out there, and you should feel free to pick one that appeals to you at your present level of consciousness. However, for those who have found this website and are open to the teachings on it, I strongly encourage you to consider the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” If you have found this website, it is because your lifestream is ready for the teachings we give. So why not make use of the rituals I present on the toolbox website? LINK

My recommendation would therefore be that you establish a ritual whereby you spend some time each morning invoking spiritual protection. I recommend that you give all or half of Archangel Michael’s Rosary every morning or give the decrees to Archangel Michael. Then in the evening spend some time using a ritual for the transformation of toxic energy. You can use the decrees to the Violet Flame, but for most people I would recommend Mother Mary’s rosaries and invocations. Also, use the decree to Astrea LINK to cut you free from all ties to dark forces.

I would also recommend that after having given a rosary in the evening, you seek to tune in to your Christ self. You can use the technique for inner attunement or the decree for communing with me.

I can assure you that anyone who would follow these recommendations would notice a positive difference. For some people it might take time before they experience a major breakthrough, for others the difference will be noticeable almost immediately.

I see many sincere spiritual seekers who have made great progress in terms of understanding spiritual truth, but because they have not adopted an efficient ritual and practiced it on a regular basis, they have not made maximum progress on their path. They have not fully internalized their understanding, and therefore they are not able to express it through their daily activities. So remember the two positive Rs, Revelation and Ritual. And avoid the two negative Rs, pRide and Rigidity.





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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