The foundation for your growth is to transform the energies created by dualistic beliefs

TOPICS: How limiting beliefs generate misqualified energies that accumulate in your energy field - the foundation for growth is to transform the energies - gradual path of replacing dualistic beliefs - seek contact with your Christ self - practical tools for transforming energy and replacing dualistic beliefs -

Question: If we create reality trough our beliefs, then how can we change our current beliefs and adapt new ones in practice?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


As a foundation for my answer, let me insert a teaching from the book Save Yourself:


Jesus: I know there are many organizations that promote various spiritual techniques as a magic bullet that will solve all of your problems. Yet it simply isn’t possible to heal your psychological wounds exclusively through ritual. The reason is that everything is subject to your free will. What causes you to generate toxic energy is that you choose to engage in imperfect thoughts and emotions. This choice usually springs from the fact that you either have an incomplete understanding of life or that you have accepted certain erroneous beliefs. This acceptance of false beliefs likely happened in past lifetimes, so these beliefs might have become very ingrained in your psyche. Yet the acceptance of erroneous beliefs always begins with a choice. Therefore, it can be undone by making a better choice.

Let me attempt to give a visual illustration of this. I have said that what keeps a soul alive is a constant stream of energy flowing from the spiritual self. You might compare your consciousness to a river. If your thoughts and emotions are pure, the Water of Life can flow freely. You feel a great connection to your spiritual self and you have abundant energy. When you accept an incorrect idea or belief, it is like throwing a rock into the river. If you throw a rock into a stream, you impede the flow of the water. The water has to flow around the rock, and this creates a vortex behind the rock in which debris can accumulate. Once you make the decision to accept an erroneous idea, that belief will block the light from your spiritual self. The erroneous belief will misqualify the light, and the misqualified energy will begin to accumulate “downstream” from the erroneous belief. It is like silt accumulating behind the rock in a stream.

Now imagine that a soul has had many lifetimes in which it has accepted erroneous beliefs. Each belief is like throwing a rock into the river. Misqualified energy begins to accumulate behind the rock, and it starts filling up the river bed. This will impede the flow of the water and it might dam the stream. When the stream is completely clogged with rocks and silt, people lose all awareness of the spiritual side of life. They forget their spiritual origin and begin to believe that they are material, human beings. Because the conscious mind (and all levels of the soul) are downstream from the spiritual self, the blocks in the river prevent the conscious mind from seeing the I AM Presence.

How can you begin to improve the situation? You must start by removing the silt that has accumulated behind the rocks. The silt is misqualified energy. You invoke high-frequency spiritual energy and direct it into the misqualified energy, thereby raising the vibration of the misqualified energy. As you clear away the misqualified energy, you can begin to see the rock, meaning the erroneous belief, that started the process of accumulation. Once you uncover that erroneous belief, you have to undo the original decision that caused you to accept that belief. This must be a conscious process because you have to make a new decision to replace the original decision. [
end quote] 


As you can see, the practical way to replace your current beliefs is to engage in a twofold process. The foundation for your growth, and a factor that is often overlooked by spiritual seekers, is to transform the energies created by imperfect beliefs. These energies prevent you from seeing the underlying belief. Or they will result in an emotional attachment that makes you feel like you either cannot, will not or do not have to replace the limiting belief. By transforming these energies, you will make it much easier for yourself to uncover and replace the often subconscious beliefs that are holding you back on your spiritual path.

The other element is that you must uncover your deeper beliefs and replace them by consciously making better decisions. As you go through this process, you can gradually replace all limiting beliefs until your entire world view is based on Christ truth. This will not happen overnight, and for many people it will be a lifelong process. Yet there will be many rewards along the way in the form of a greater sense of spiritual freedom and peace of mind.

In order to uncover your limiting beliefs, it is extremely valuable to sharpen your intuitive faculties and expand your conscious contact with your Christ self. When you use your intuition while studying spiritual teachings, your Christ self can use an outer teaching to give you many insights that will help you replace limiting beliefs. However, you can achieve even better results by deliberately going into the subconscious mind through various forms of therapy aimed at uncovering your hidden beliefs.

As a very practical measure, use the many decrees and invocations we have released. The invocations are designed to transform imperfect energies and to help you resolve the dualistic beliefs that cause you to misqualify energy. By using all of the tools that are available to you in today's world, you can quickly make progress toward a greater sense of freedom. I can assure you that even though this will require work, it is well worth the effort.

One might say that spiritual growth and salvation is all about replacing your dualistic beliefs. It is truly your dualistic beliefs, the beliefs that make up your human sense of identity, that keep you out of heaven. As I said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” meaning that the key to entering the kingdom of God is to attain a higher state of consciousness, namely Christ consciousness. The key to attaining Christ consciousness is to transcend all imperfect beliefs. 





Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels

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