The last initiations on earth

Question: Question about the last initiations on earth. Jesus and Buddha succeeded but what happens when you don’t succeed?


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

Well my beloved, there’s basically no scenario you can imagine that hasn’t happened either on a dense matter planet like earth or on another dense matter planet. So there are examples of beings who have risen to that level where they face the final initiation, the final temptation and they have failed that initiation. And in some cases they have simply had a temporary setback where they have very quickly been able to rise up, take the initiation again and pass it again. But there are examples of beings who have gone into a downward spiral because they have been tempted for example, which is one of the most common scenarios, to use whatever powers they had like Gautama described that he could have used his powers in reaction to the demons of Mara. I could have used certain powers when I hung on the cross, as I even expressed that. I could have commanded legions of angels and they would have had to obey me because of my attainment but if I had done that I would have failed the initiation and not have ascended. And so there are a few, it is not many but there are some that have then gone into this downward spiral of seeking to use or increase their powers so that they could force this kind of change that they desired to effect on earth. And there are a few examples of some that have really actually gone to the extent of becoming black magicians who used the same methods, have the similar powers to some fallen beings but they of course have not fallen because they were created in this sphere and so until the sphere falls you have not technically become a fallen being even if you go into the fallen consciousness. But they have gone into the same state of consciousness using force, trying to acquire some kind of unlawful ability and using it to force whatever change they thought should happen on earth. But this is not really a common scenario and it is certainly not something I want you to be worried about or be afraid of because if you take our teachings, if you truly internalize what we have said, then you will be able to avoid this temptation. 



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