Balanced approach to spiritual path

Question: How can we better bridge the gap between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

If you use our teachings the way we intend - study the books, practice some of the invocations that appeal to you - then you are already in the process of doing that. But you need to be aware that you cannot see everything in your subconscious mind all at once because it becomes overwhelming. It becomes too much, and so there are always some students that they want to see it all at once and it’s in a sense, it is understandable and commendable; and we are in no way seeking to discourage people, but you have to be balanced. You have to recognize that you are not meant to see everything in your subconscious mind all at once. You see it in pieces, you see it in increments. It’s actually a function of the fact that you forget your previous lives, it’s an opportunity whereby you are not so overwhelmed.

Think about this my beloved. If you have had hundreds of lifetimes on a very dark and violent planet like this, you could have been exposed to many, many things in past lives. And if you were taking with you from lifetime to lifetime the conscious awareness of what has happened in the past, you would come into a new lifetime being so burdened that many people simply couldn’t function, they couldn’t bear it. And so, that’s why the same with the subconscious mind you know, our teachings are designed specifically to help you do this is in a process that is safe, that is gradual, that gives you what you can deal with and not too much. And it is very important not to take heaven by force as you see in many people who use some unbalanced technique to get into the subconscious mind, or who raise the kundalini or who do other things because they want immediate results and immediate growth and it often ends up overwhelming them to the point where it actually takes them down rather than up. It hinders their growth rather than furthering it. So the best thing you can do is use our teachings, but then also develop this listening ear where there is always a part of your attention that’s open to having the next revelation that you are meant to have, and then you will do very, very well, and you will make progress as many of you have done and as some of you have even expressed how you have made progress and you have found great healing by following and applying the teachings.


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