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Question: The ascended masters, they do treat us very nicely but the universe sometimes, or a lot of times, doesn’t seem to treat us very nicely, and a lot of times it becomes more a torture, and it brings us face to face with our worst nightmares. And we don’t seem to know enough about how the universe works or how the cosmic mirror works, and my question is like if we have been in embodiment for such a long time, for so many lifetimes, why is it still that we’re getting results in our lives that are not what we want, that we’re getting feedback from the cosmic mirror or the universe that is not really what we intended. It’s oftentimes the opposite of that. So could the masters maybe enlighten us a bit more about how the universe works?


 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

 This is a very understandable question that virtually all people have at some point on their path. And the major reason for this is that you need to recognize, as we have said before, what kind of planet you are living on. That the collective consciousness is very low, that there are many people who are below the 48th level of consciousness, and that there is a very drastic influence from the fallen beings. 

What often trips up spiritual people is that they have an inner intuitive sense or memory of how things are in the higher realms or on a planet with a higher level of collective consciousness. So you have an expectation that things on Earth should be better, that certain things should not happen. This is natural. This is understandable. But, if you look at the teachings we have given about the fallen beings and the state of the Earth, it is not a realistic expectation, and it is not a constructive expectation because the Earth is by no means an ideal planet. There are many religions on the Earth that want to portray that this is the only planet created by God, and therefore since God can’t make a mistake, there must be some explanation for why things are the way they are. And that means that the Earth probably is ideal in some way, there is just some explanation we don’t have. But the reality is that the Earth is by no means an ideal planet. It is one of the lowest planets in the sphere in which you live.

And so when you know this, when you recognize that, you see that you are one individual, and you can raise your consciousness, but there is a limit to how much, even with a raised consciousness, that you can take control over your outer situations and avoid certain unpleasant events. And the reason for this is that you are living on a planet with so many other people that have a much lower consciousness, and they are creating all kinds of karmic circumstances, all kinds of conflicts, they have lowered the density of the physical bodies so that disease is manifest and so you have all of these conditions where it is not possible for one person to always take control over your outer circumstances. It can be your own karma from past lives, but it can also simply be that you are living among a group of people − be it your family, be it your nation, be it humanity at large − that has such a low state of consciousness that just by the fact that you are in physical embodiment, and you are living here, you will be affected by some of these conditions that have been collectively created.

So you will notice, if you look carefully at what we have told you, is that the essence of Christhood and Buddhahood is not to take command over your outer situation, but to take command over your inner situation, and your reaction to external circumstances, so you do not allow the external circumstances to stop your progress on the path, and to stop you from feeling inner peace, to stop you from feeling good about yourselves.

So to return to the question, it is constructive to recognize that not everything that happens to you is a message from the universe or a reflection back from the cosmic mirror. This may seem to contradict what we have said before, including what I have said before. But there is a point on the path where you need to basically look at everything as a message from the universe, because you need to look at, “What is it in my consciousness that attracted this situation to me?” Because there is a point of the path where you can say that basically everything that happens to you is because you have attracted that situation with your state of consciousness.

So, the reason why you were born in a certain country, in a certain family, was because there was something in your consciousness, and that is why you experience these outer conditions. But there does come a point when you go higher on the path, and you have started overcoming some of these limitations in your consciousness, where you may still experience a physical situation that has unpleasant consequences, but you can begin to recognize that you have transcended this in your own consciousness, but the people around you − the people in the group that you are actually here to uplift − they have not, and therefore they have collectively produced the circumstance. But because you are part of the group, you are living in that situation, you are affected by it also. 

And so, there comes that point when you go higher on the path where you begin to have this inner sense where, sometimes you pay attention, and you say, “What is it in me that attracted this situation?” And other times, you ignore an outer situation because you realize it doesn’t have a message from the universe, or rather maybe the message is to simply ignore it, or make the best of it and move on with your spiritual path. There actually comes that point on the path where you are not so focused on outer circumstances, but you are more focused on your reaction. And so, if you feel that you are reacting to a certain circumstance, then you look at, “Why do I react?” But there also comes a point where you can experience a circumstance, it may be unpleasant, but you don’t even react to it. You just do whatever you have to do to minimize the consequences, and then you move on. You simply ignore it if you can, or you turn it into a positive, or you simply shift your focus, and focus on something else that is more important to your progress on the path.


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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