Looking for patterns

Question: Last month I got spent with the number 44. Everywhere I look, I see 44, 44, 44. So why is this? What is the process behind this thing?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

My beloved, you have many spiritual people who start seeing certain numbers, and you have many people who get very fascinated by this, and some even turn it into almost a religion and they want to know why this is happening. They want to think that this has some major significance. When you see a certain number, it is in most cases because the human brain and the human mind, is programmed to recognize patterns. You are, if you think about this, always looking for patterns. In fact, much of perception is looking for patterns. That is why we have given you these teachings that you have a perception filter in your three higher bodies, and that you are creating an image based on the filter, and you are projecting that image out upon the world outside of you, and even upon yourself. And so, once you have these projection filters created, your brain, your mind, will look for patterns that fit into the filter and that validate the filter. And so truly, while it can be amusing, entertaining, that you see these numbers, it has no decisive significance that you need to be concerned about. It is simply that your brain is in a phase where it is focused on a particular number and therefore you start seeing it more. It is not necessarily that the number suddenly occurs more often, but it is simply that your mind recognizes it and sees it more often. 

So, you could use it in a positive way to consider, “What perception filter do I have?” But there are also many of the people out there who become completely fascinated by this who could benefit from thinking, “Well, why do I have this desire to feel special, and why do I think that there are outer signs that make me feel special, or that I need outer signs in order to feel special?” You will see, my beloved, that there is a certain level of the spiritual path, and I’m especially talking about the many people out there who are looking for outer phenomena, where people are looking for some outer confirmation of why they are special. So they go into numerology, astrology, they go to psychics, they look at this, that, or the next thing. And they try to find some physical sign, some physical manifestation, that is different for them than for most people, and then they try to read some kind of meaning into it and find out why it makes you special that you have this particular configuration in your astrology, or that you were born on this particular date where when you add up the numbers it comes to this and it has this significance. And I’m not saying that this can’t help people in a certain way, but it is not something that brings you to the levels of Christhood and it is not something that you need to spend a lot of attention on because it can become a blind alley that actually takes you away from the real path. So, at the level of consciousness that you are all at, given that you recognize ascended master teachings, you just look at it as an interesting coincidence, you shrug your shoulders, and then you move on.


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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