Are we traumatized from our original spiritual birth?

TOPICS: Original birth was birth of the I AM Presence - Conscious You choose to go into separation - caused it to feel abandoned and this affected creation of soul - this trauma can be healed by following path to Christhood - this path also key to expressing your unique individuality without clashing with other people - key to peace of mind -

Question: Are we still traumatized by the original birth when God gave us free will and could we still feel abandoned from that? What was he thinking when he created us so uniquely...seems we clash because of it.


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Your lifestream is not traumatized from your original spiritual birth, because that was the birth of your spiritual self or I AM Presence. That birth happened before your lifestream came into existence.

The Conscious You was created by your I AM Presence as a vehicle for experiencing and acting in the material universe. Your Conscious You was not traumatized when it was created, but the Conscious You does have a challenge that is inherent in its existence. It has to figure out how to maintain a sense of individuality while at the same time being a part of a larger whole, including the I AM Presence and the entire body of God. This is a challenge that the Conscious You usually takes a long time to resolve. This happens gradually as the Conscious You matures as a result of the experiences it has in the material world. This challenge is not fully resolved until the Conscious You attains personal Christhood, as described in my discourse on the levels of spiritual attainment.

As explained elsewhere, LINK the Conscious You creates a vehicle for expressing itself through a physical body. This 4-fold vehicle is what many people call the soul. Your soul can be traumatized from what some people call the original birth, but which was in reality the fall into a lower state of consciousness. This happened when the Conscious You stepped into the consciousness of separation and duality, whereafter it began to see itself as separated from the I AM Presence. This event did cause the Conscious You to feel abandoned by God, and this feeling then set certain basic parameters for the make-up of the separate self and the soul. However, the reality of the situation is that you were not abandoned by God. You turned away from God and the I AM Presence, and because God respects your free will, it could do nothing to interfere with your choice.

Once separated from God, it is possible that a lifestream can believe that it did not exist before this separation. Therefore, the lifestream might see the separation as its original birth. However, the separation from God was not the birth of the soul; it was the birth of the separate self or ego.

God created you uniquely but there is no competition and no sense of conflict between your I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of any other lifestream. The clash that occurs between many people is not a clash between their spiritual selves or even between their Conscious Yous. It is a clash between their human egos and the 4-fold vehicles or souls that are based on separation. To gain a deeper understanding of these concepts, read the second part of the book The Inner Path of Light. LINK It explains in great detail the relationship between the soul and the human ego and how the soul can overcome the sense of abandonment and all sense of conflict by leaving behind the ego.

God created your lifestream as a unique facet in a beautiful diamond. Each facet is unique but it is also part of the diamond. Each facet enhances the whole, yet the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Therefore, the facet is complete only when it sees itself as being both unique and part of a larger whole. In other words, the differences between you and other lifestreams do not degrade or compete with your uniqueness. The fact that other lifestreams are different only enhances your uniqueness.

As long as a lifestream is connected to its I AM Presence, it can see itself as part of a larger whole without feeling threatened by differences. When the lifestream loses this connection, it no longer sees a connection between itself and other people, and that becomes the open door for the sense of competition and conflict.

God created your lifestream with unique characteristics because God wanted you to bring a gift to this universe that no other lifestream could possibly bring. You have the potential to be a co-creator with God here on earth and to bring a unique and uniquely precious gift to the forward movement of humankind.

I admit that once the lifestream has descended into a lower state of consciousness, individuality can pose a major challenge. Yet it is the sense of separation that creates the challenge, and by walking the spiritual path and attaining personal Christhood, a lifestream can reestablish its connection to the spiritual self. Thereby, you will begin to focus your attention on expressing your unique individuality and become less concerned about the actions and beliefs of other people. You will focus on being who you are, and you will let other people be who they are—or who they choose to be at the moment. You will be and let the. That is the key to peace of mind.





Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels

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