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Question: Whenever I asked the ascended masters to reveal my inner problems and they help me see them in giving my invocations - I am faced with the situation where my mind becomes very much disturbed through the people around me. Why do I have to go through this process. Is this process related to the elimination of the karma's or the inner purification, or is the situation given to me as a test from the masters?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved no matter what situation you may face on your spiritual path, it is not given to you as a test by the ascended masters. This may surprise some ascended master students, but we do not go around and actively test our students in the sense that we somehow have the power to manipulate you into a difficult situation. We do not have this power, we do not want to have this power, we are not in any way manipulating your life in a certain direction. We are always helping you make better choices so that you can take your life in a different direction. But it is not so that we are a hidden hand that is manipulating you or pushing you to face certain tests or situations. 

My beloved who is it then that is forcing you into certain situations? Well it is yourself, it is your own reactionary patterns that you have not yet seen. Now it is true that when you appeal to us to show you some aspect of your psychology, we can help you in two different ways. One is that we can release a certain amount of light that will stir up the condition that you have in your subsconscious mind and that you have not seen with your conscious mind. It is not so that this release of light will automatically precipitate an outer situation that disturbs you. In other words there is no external influence here that influences other people or situations. When you ask us to help you see something in your psychology, we are releasing light into your subsconscious mind and this stirs up the condition in your subsconscious mind. 

You may experience this as if outer circumstances or other people are creating a disturbance. But this is what you are projecting upon outer circumstances and other people. It is actually your reactionary pattern that is being activated by the light, and if your reactionary pattern is to project that it is other people or external circumstances that are disturbing you or preventing you from going where you want to go, then this is how you will experience it. Now you may have other psychological patterns that you may experience in a different way and therefore two students will not get the same reaction from asking for our help. 

Now as I said, releasing light that stirs up a condition is only one way we can help you and it is not our preferred way of helping you. Our preferred way of helping you is that we give you an insight, an intuitive insight that helps you see the pattern, the condition in your subconscious mind. However in many cases students are not open to seeing what they need to see. I am not saying this to blame you in any way. My beloved when you are asking for our help, it is obvious that there is something you cannot see, if you could see it, you would have resolved it and you would not need to ask for our help. So it is natural that you will not always see the thing that you are asking help about or you will not see it clearly. 

Therefore in many cases we can only help you by inflaming or inflating the condition so that it becomes more extreme. Thereby perhaps you can recognize the pattern and you can see that you are reacting as you have done many time previously in your life. You can therefore begin to look for the underlying pattern and ask yourself "why am I reacting this way?" But of course if you are truly open then we can help you without this disturbance. It is not so, that we want you to be disturbed or we want you to be tested by a chaotic outer situation. We would prefer to give you the intuitive insights, but this requires that when you ask for our help, you have to deliberately work on becoming as open as possible to hearing these subtle insights that we can give you.

It is not so my beloved that we can speak to you as a thunderous voice from heaven, as you sometimes hear in the bible or in other places and tell you what your problem is. 

We can speak to you through the still inner voice within where you get an intuitive insight. But your ability to receive this depends on your openness. You need to recognize my beloved that there are many times where you as an ascended master student have a certain view, a certain - almost like a projection with your outer mind of what you think your situation is, what you think your psychology is. So you often ask for our help because you have a specific view of the situation and you want us to help you overcome what you see as the problem. Yet in many cases what you see as the problem with your outer mind is not the real underlying problem. So if your outer mind is fixated on us validating your present understanding of the problem, then there simply isn't the opening whereby we can give you the intuitive insights.

So that is why we release light that inflames the condition hoping that you can see it more clearly. But if you can find a way to neutralize this so that you are more open, more willing to look at the issue from a different angle, from a different perspective, then we can indeed give you these insights so you do not need to have any outer turmoil. We have many students who have been on the path for a number of years and who have developed this willingness to listen from within. And to almost have constantly have a listening ear, so that when they are in a particular situation we can give them that insight that shows them a pattern. What I am saying here is that there are many students who decide with their outer mind that they want our help to see a certain condition, but they still have a subconcious resistance to hearing our answer. 

But there are also many students who have overcome that subconcious resistance. And so they have come to the point, where they are always willing to listen for the answer and their path has become much easier, because they are constantly listening with one ear to the ascended masters and then listening to the world with the other ear so to speak. You can all develop that willingness to listen, that willingness to hear something that your ego does not necessarily want you to hear. Or that you may not want to hear either, because you think you have to condemn yourself if we show you a certain pattern in your psychology. But again, this thinking you have to condemn yourself or feel bad, this is precisely part of your pattern, because it does not come from us my beloved. We are not ever condemning you for having a certain pattern in your psychology, because most of us had the same pattern in our psychology before we ascended. So we have only one desire which is to help you be free of all of your patterns as we have become free.


Copyright  © 2017  Kim Michaels

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