Feeling paralyzed on the spiritual path

Question: When you are waking up and finding spirituality; for myself I have the experience of also being paralyzed from that awakening for a while. Among my friends, I still have friends who are really still stuck in that paralysation. And some use kind of like sugar addictions or alcohol addictions to kind of run away without really getting anywhere. What is a way to come out of that kind of loophole, if you find yourself in one?

Personally my experience was that I was really paralyzed that I had this huge understanding that the world is way bigger and I was kind of afraid of doing something wrong. I was afraid of doing something that made new consequences in a wrong direction or that. So I had to like hide for a while.


Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.


Jesus: This reaction is very common for spiritual students. It is in large part caused by the fact that you grow up without a spiritual understanding. If you had been given more of a spiritual understanding as children, you would not have such an abrupt shift between the understanding you were brought up with and suddenly awakening to the spiritual side of life and the spiritual path. It is primarily caused by the fact that you take the step up to the awareness of the spiritual side of life very quickly, within a short period of time. It simply takes time for you to adjust.

We could say, as just one expression of this, that when you become aware of the spiritual path, you are in a sense thrust into an identity crisis. You have grown up seeing yourself a certain way, whether it is in the Christian tradition or based on materialism, and suddenly you see that you have a much wider identity. But how do you actually adjust to this? 

There is a certain conscious-level adjustment that takes place, but you also have certain feelings stirred up. At the mental level, you have to really process what you believe about life. Of course, even at the identity level, there can be an old sense of self, an old sense of identity, that actually needs to die, but this can feel scary to you. It is really helpful for you to realize that when you first awaken to the spiritual path, it is a very big change and it can take some time to adjust for most people. It is just necessary to have some patience with yourself.

Now, another common reaction is, of course, that people can get very, very eager to make progress and so they become unbalanced, push too hard. Some people can go into this crash-and-burn syndrome where they first strive very hard, then they simply burn out. It is too much. They cannot deal with the energy that is suddenly flowing through them. Their chakras get out of control. In some cases, they have to then numb themselves they feel with alcohols or drugs or heavy foods or by withdrawing from the spiritual path and engaging in more physical activities.

It is also common, as you described, that you have grown up without an understanding of karma and suddenly you understand that everything you do can have some kind of consequence. Then, you can become so afraid of making further consequences for yourself that you almost do not dare to do anything. This is a reaction caused, again, by the fact that you have an abrupt awakening, whereas if you had been taught this from childhood, you would have adjusted to it more readily. 

What you are actually going through is that you suddenly realize that all of your actions, even your thoughts and feelings, could create karma. You do not see which actions, or which thoughts and feelings create karma and which do not. You can become so afraid of the consequences that you would rather do nothing because it feels safer.

It is an understandable reaction. Of course, if it paralyzes you, it is not constructive. It is much better then to realize that so far, up until your realization that life has a spiritual side, you have been doing and thinking and feeling many things. Even though this may have created some karma for yourself, continuing certain patterns will not make so much karma that you cannot overcome it. 

In fact, once you have awakened to the spiritual path and accept that there are certain tools for transmuting karma, then you do not need to be so afraid of making a small portion of karma because you know you can overcome it. You can then say to yourself: “Well, how am I going to make progress on the path unless I dare to try, unless I dare to experiment? And therefore, it is better that I do something, than that I go into this state of paralysis and do not dare to do anything.”

Of course, many of our teachings can help you overcome this initial fear. For most people it is just a matter of making a certain adjustment where you realize that the fact that you are now more aware should be used in a positive way. You should not allow the dark forces or your own ego to try to abort your spiritual growth by turning it into a negative. You can kind of expect the reaction from dark forces or from your own ego or even from other people where they will try to somehow derail you. You can just stay centered, try to stay balanced, and allow yourself this time to make the adjustment without pushing yourself too hard. If you feel something is too much, then take a break from studying spiritual teachings. Do not give as many invocations and decrees, if you feel it is invoking more light than you can handle, and so forth and so on.

It is common that people feel that because I did not know all this before; I have wasted so much time. So now, I really need to make progress. But again, if you become unbalanced or paralyzed, you are not actually making progress. There are people who are very eager to perform certain spiritual practices, but they are not actually making progress because they are using the spiritual practice as an excuse for not looking at themselves. That is why it is actually better to take a slower, more balanced approach, instead of going into either the imbalance of being overzealous or the imbalance of being paralyzed.



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