How do invocations work on a psychological level?

Question: How do invocations work on a psychological level? You've talked before about invoking higher energy and how its waves interact with low energy. But can you explain how invocations work psychologically? Does for example, repeating the words while focusing on them cause the meaning behind the words to penetrate our subconscious minds causing change at a deeper level, or does something else happen? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, in previous dispensations, we were primarily focused on decrease because that was the need of the time, especially for the collective consciousness. The decrees invoke energy in a very concentrated way. But it just invokes energy. So the question is, what do people do with it? And we saw students who were so focused on giving decrees the they didn't work on their psychology. That's why I originally developed the rosaries that became what we now call invocations, where you have a combination of the decrees that invoke light, and the statements in between that seek to change the way you look at things. 

And so yes, it is so that if you are open, and if you focus on the words, and don't just repeat them mechanically, then it can have this effect that these statements in the invocations will challenge some kind of self that you have. And it will challenge the belief behind that self. And this then can gradually lead you to a point where you become able to see the self, see the belief, see the illusion—separate yourself from it. This was something we develop before we felt we were ready to give the teachings on the separate selves, but it's still helped people work on these separate cells and the beliefs behind them. Now, when it comes to when you are giving invocations for World conditions, these statements, because you are in embodiment, you are projecting them into the collective consciousness. And they may challenge the illusions that many people have, not everybody, because some will be too close minded. But those who are the open minded people, they will suddenly feel some kind of, we might call it a disturbance in their minds. And if they are willing, then after some time, they can cycle through to the conscious level. And suddenly they see an illusion. It's like we have described that suddenly people wake up and see something that couldn't see before. And now they say: “Oh, this is so obvious. Why didn't we see that long ago? 

Are there other things that happen when you give invocations?” Well, yes, there are of course, in the sense that all human beings are connected. Instead of saying that we are all one, as the previous question talked about, I prefer to say that all human beings are connected. Because that implies that when you give an invocation, you can have an effect on the collective by pulling up on it. In other words, you are raising your individual consciousness. And without having to actually aggressively do something about other people's consciousness, you are still raising the collective, because you are part of it. So you are pulling up on it. And you can say, Well, what effect does that have when I am one person, and there are 7 billion other people on the planet? But it does have an effect. And the more people do it, the more of an effect that will be. And again, look at history, how has change happened? How did democracies come to be? Because some people had raised their awareness, and it pulled up on the collective to that breaking point where now it was possible to actually create a democratic nation. And it's the same with every other positive change seen throughout history. It starts with some individuals who raise their consciousness, and then gradually, it reaches that critical mass, where now it has an effect at the collective level, even at the physical level. 



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