The spiritual practices of the disabled people

Question: This question is about the spiritual practices of the disabled. We have people around us who are congenitally blind and speech impaired. How can they visualize the violet flame? And how can they give decrees and invocations? I would like to know if these decrees given by sign language are equally effective.


Answer from the Ascended Master  Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.   

It is naturally very difficult for people with such handicaps to do many, many things, my beloved. We cannot give spiritual tools that work equally well for all people, especially if they have handicaps such as speech impairment or sight impairment. And therefore, you should not necessarily think that such people should do the same kind of spiritual practices as people who do not have these problems.  So, it is more constructive to find spiritual practices that these people can perform, such as meditation or whatever else is appropriate, depending on their handicap.


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