What can we ask for in an invocation?

Question: At the beginning of every Rosary there is a part where we can insert a personal request. I would like to know what limitations there are on this scope and of personal request. And would you share your wisdom on how to make better use of the personal requests.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved to be a little humorous here, there has never been a picture of an ascended master wearing a red hat with a white ball at the end. In other words we are not Santa Claus. It is not so that when you make a personal request we have the power to step into the physical octave and do whatever you ask. It is not so that we cannot do anything in the physical octave. But what we are able to do is a very complex equation based on your personal karma, the karma of the situation or the people that are involved in a certain situation and even the collective karma of your nation or humankind. 

So you will see that when Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago he was allowed to perform certain miracles so-called because the collective consciousness was so low at the time that unless he had performed these extraordinary feats, he would not have been able to attract that much attention from people. In todays age the consciousness is much higher and there is therefore much more of a limitation on what we are allowed to do in the physical because people are now ready to know and accept our existence in a different way, in a higher way. 

It is also so that when you make a personal request we cannot override the fact that you are a spiritual student and you are walking a spiritual path. As I said earlier there are some times where you need to have a certain experience in order that you can have a certain insight. Because you cannot receive the intuitive insight directly from us and therefore you need to experience the situation. So when you make a personal request it is always more effective that instead of asking us too for example help you win the lottery. You ask us to give you insights about your own psychology or about how to deal with a particular situation.

In other words there is much more freedom for us to effect changes in your three higher bodies than at the physical level. But as you know the physical level is the reflection of what goes on in your three higher bodies. So when you do change what is happening in your three higher bodies then eventually the physical situation will also change. So therefore it is far more effective to ask us for help with your emotional situation, your mental understanding and your sense of identity, your deepest sense of what is possible and then we can far more effectively give you these insights that create changes in your three higher bodies and this will of course lead to a chain reaction that will filter down until it reaches the physical and then depending on what other people are involved with the situation, then the physical can also change. 

So we very strongly suggest that if you have a particular physical change you would like to see happen, you realise that it is a product of what is happening at the three higher levels and therefore you start by making the calls for a change in the identity level, then the mental level,then the emotional level and then the physical. Now there can be exceptions to this because there can be a situation where you have such overwhelming emotions involved, that you want to start by making the calls for your emotions to be settled and transformed before you have the calmness to make calls on the higher bodies.


Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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