A master- student relationship dynamic

Question: What vision do the ascended masters have about the Guru-Chela relationship? Is this a special relationship with one ascended master with whom a special sacred bond is formed that cannot be broken, a kind of vow taken by both sides? Or is it just a close relationship with any ascended master or several ascended masters who teach a person in the moment? Does each life-stream have a personal Guru that is assigned to him from the moment of birth and leads him throughout his entire existence before the ascension or even after the ascension? For example, I entered into the Guru-Chela relationship with one master but I feel a greater alignment and affinity with another one. With which one of them should I seek to enter unity?


Answer from the Ascended Master Master More through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

You first of all seek to enter unity with your I AM Presence. The ascended master is a vehicle for helping you attain that unity but it is first of all the Presence that you seek unity with. It is not so that one person has one particular ascended master that will guide you throughout your entire sojourn on earth or even for one lifetime. We look at the growth of the individual student and the needs of that student and different masters with different qualities will work with the student as they need it. 

Even if you feel you have made a vow to an ascended master and you feel a greater affinity with another master, you focus on that master at least for a time. We have even in previous dispensations given the teaching that a person can believe he is the chela of a particular master but is actually for a time being guided by another master without realizing it. Because of the dynamic of free will, there is no vow that could never be broken. 

A master does not as such, make a vow to a particular student but simply offers the help to a student, as the student is ready or willing to receive it. You have even the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. At any given moment, you are ready for a particular kind of teacher when you come up higher or when you face different initiations on your path, different aspects of your psychology you are working on, another master might step in because that is what you need. 

The idea that you can make a vow to a particular master is valid if that helps you focus more on the path but there comes a point where you become more mature on the path, where you realize that this is not a matter of an outer vow made with the outer mind. It is your commitment to growth and you are continually seeking maximum growth, so you are willing to work with whatever master can help you best at the stage you are at.


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