Spiritual escapism

Question: I’ve seen that in myself and in spiritual communities people are like escaping from the material world with spiritual practices, it's like spiritual escapism and developing hatred of the Mother, can the ascended masters comment on this?


Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Holland 2016.


This is indeed one of the biggest hindrances for the raising of the consciousness of the planet. We do of course understand that when you are a spiritual student (when you begin the spiritual path you begin to study spiritual teachings; you begin to practice whatever practice you are doing), you are engaging in an alchemical process. Many students do not quite understand what this means. It means that you will flush out what is in your subconscious mind. Just as when you go on a physical cleansing of your body you will flush out certain toxins from your body and it can affect you emotionally and mentally, the same happens spiritually. So many people when they are relatively new to the path, they think first that everything is going to be comfortable and easy and wonderful. Then, when they hit one of these difficult moments where they are confronted with some psychological issue, then they get scared.

They do not want to face the issue, they do not want to deal with the issue. That is when they then go into trying to use a spiritual teaching or practice to escape dealing with the pain. They somehow think that it should be possible to have spiritual growth without pain. Now, we have given many teachings, I have given teachings in my Course in Abundance LINK that will help you shift your attitude so you can have spiritual growth without pain. But you can never have spiritual growth without facing your personal issues. All you can do is shift yourself into a mindset where you do not expect that this will be easy, comfortable or without any pain or without any effort on your part, for you are willing to do the work. This is, of course, the point that all who are ascended master students have come to. If all who are spiritually awakened (awakened to the spiritual path) could come to that point as well, even if they don’t join an ascended master teaching, then much more progress could be made. 

It is a perfectly true observation that far too great of a percentage of spiritual students are into various forms of escapism. It does not help them grow individually but it does not help the planet grow either. It is a major challenge for us because when a person is awakened to the spiritual path, there is always an ascended master who is giving that person a certain gift of spiritual energy that allows them to raise their consciousness to the level where they can recognize that there is something more, there is a spiritual path. The idea is (and the law of course requires) that what the student has given must be multiplied before more can be given. There is a limit to how many people on the planet we can sponsor when they do not multiply the gift. 

We have talked about a certain structure where you have certain people that are tied to you and they cannot in many cases raise their consciousness beyond what you do to yours. If you are not multiplying the gift you have been given from the ascended masters, we cannot give to those below you because they are not able to rise up and receive it. This spiritual escapism really stops the acceleration of the collective consciousness. 

Much of spiritual escapism comes from the fact that people have believed in false promises, that promise you an easy and comfortable way to growth. You can come to a point, and this is what we have talked about, where you are flowing with the River of Life but you can only come to that point by adjusting your attitude. You can only adjust your attitude, by looking at your attitude, looking at your psychology. You can only shift your current attitude by looking at your current attitude, by looking at the psychology behind it, the wounds, the hang-ups you have. In the beginning, this will be painful. 

Now, it should be noted that there are many New Age, spiritual people out there who do not have the tools to make the process less painful because they do not understand the importance of invoking spiritual light. We have given the invocations and decrees because we know that when you start invoking light, it will transform some of the energy in the emotional body that makes it painful to confront your psychological issues. Therefore, it can be less painful than if you do not invoke light. If you are confronting an issue and you have not invoked light to transform some of the energy, then it will be very painful and sometimes overwhelmingly painful. That is then when people get scared from the pain, they want to avoid the pain and they go into escapism.

Pain in the psychological area (whether it is in the emotional, mental or identity body), pain in the three higher bodies is caused only by energy. This means that it can be transformed, you can transcend the pain by transforming the energy. If there is a physical pain, if you have a nail in your shoe, then obviously you need to stop and pull out the nail, it is not a matter of giving decrees until the pain stops. Concerning the three higher bodies, you can invoke spiritual light to transform the energy and then you can look at an issue with less pain and so there is no need for escapism. We can say that escapism is simply because people don’t know how to walk the path without pain, don’t know how to transcend the pain, don't know how to work through the pain and resolve it. They haven’t understood that sometimes you need to take a confrontation with your past momentums and wounds. I will be unpleasant on a temporary basis, but it will give you greater freedom for the rest of your life, so they seek the freedom from pain by dulling their minds. 

Now, I know there are some people who use chemical substances and think this will give them spiritual growth but it cannot give you actual, long-term spiritual growth. It may show you there is an alternative state of consciousness but you can easily learn that through other means as well. If you continue to use a chemical substance beyond a certain point, then it will actually dull your spiritual faculties, dull your mind and you will become either physically or at least emotionally dependent upon it.



Copyright © 2016 Kim Michaels

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