Reaching a higher level of awareness means that you are in a more neutral state of mind

Question: Does a higher level of awareness always mean more sense of bliss and happiness?


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018. 

But my beloved, what do you mean when you say bliss and happiness? A higher level of awareness does not lead to the kind of happiness that you see in Hollywood movies nor the kind of bliss that many Buddhists, for example, dream about. They have a worldly image that they are projecting on these concepts. Some people have had enough of a context of a kundalini rising and they have explained it this way. You have other people who have had dramatic spiritual experiences where they have felt they are in a state of ecstasy. You have certain Christian mystics, for example, who said they were in a state of ecstasy for a long time. But how can you function in your normal daily life in such a state? The answer is you can’t. You are here not to be in a state of ecstasy because, as we have said earlier, you can experience that when you are in the ascended realm.

That is not what the Earth is all about. It’s about having the experiences that you can have on this planet. When you reach a higher level of awareness, you actually become more and more neutral in your mind. This is actually what the Buddha called bliss but which very few Buddhists have understood. They thought it was more like human happiness. The reality is that human happiness is a relative state of mind that is dualistic. It has a polar opposite, unhappiness and it can exist only in relation to its polar opposite. You are happy in contrast to how you feel when you are unhappy; this is a dualistic state of mind. As you raise your awareness, you go beyond the dualistic extremes and you do attain a much higher sense of being at peace and being happy or blissful but it is not in the human sense because there is no contrast.

The higher you go in awareness, the less contrast you experience in your consciousness. Therefore you are not experiencing human happiness that has an opposite or that needs to be compared to something. You are experiencing a state of mind that really can’t be described with words; that really can’t be compared to anything in the human experience. That is why originally the Buddha used the word bliss because at that time it didn’t really have any meaning. It was a new word. We could invent a new word to describe it now but it would be just a matter of time before people started projecting human images upon it. So it is better to give the teaching and say that you overcome these dualistic extremes. There is no contrast between your state of mind and an opposite. You are in a more neutral, more even, more balanced, state of mind. 

That’s what the Buddha meant with the Middle Way. It’s not the midway between two extremes. It transcends the whole scale on which there are extremes.


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