10,000 people with a very high degree of Christhood and the initiations of the seven rays
Reaching a higher level of awareness means that you are in a more neutral state of mind
Chris consciousness today is a matter of living a constructive life in a daily situation
The Christ consciousness is not a matter of having enough understanding
The role of the Buddha and the Christ
Four lower bodies and Christhood
The original inhabitants of the earth
Going global and the path to Christhood
What is Christhood?
Christ consciousness, clairvoyance and riches
Were Christed beings born at the same time?
No easy way to reach higher consciousness
How to stop being the doer without withdrawing from life
When people know better but don’t do better
How to produce a physical manifestation
With sufficient level of Christhood, the Ma-ter light will comply with your command
Overcoming the fear of being the Christ in action
How to move the focus from the mind to the heart?
DNA activation and spiritual growth
Christ consciousness and a sexual relationship
A deeper understanding of the sin against the Holy Ghost
To forgive yourself, you must forgive God
Many religions can be a foundation for Christhood
Enjoying life while remaining non-attached
Christ consciousness and miracles
The true judgment of Christ
The true path to Christhood and the left-handed path
Never limit Gods ability to work through you
The Bread of life is the Christ consciousness
10,000 people have Christhood on inner levels
Becoming a twin of Jesus
Become a spiritual sun in all situations

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Q & A Ukraine conference


The sound files for the questions and answers from the Ukraine conference are in a folder named: UKRAINE 2019 QAMasters (on the subscriber's website).



Ukraine sound files


Just got back from a wonderful conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Warmest thanks to all who organized it and all who participated.


The sound files for the dictations are on the subscriber's website in a folder named UKRAINE 2019.



Webinar for Ukraine conference


If you cannot make it to next week's conference in Ukraine, you now have the option to participate via the webinar.


You can find more information about it here.



Third book about the Golden Age


We have published a third book in the series on Saint Germain's Golden Age in which it is explained that the vision for the Golden Age is so far ahead of what we have now that most people could not accept it as realistic.


The book contains dictations given over the last couple of years along with new invocations for helping peoiple accept the Golden Age.


The book is also available on Amazon.


For more information, click here.






Four new Dutch ebooks


There are now four new ebooks available in the Dutch language section of the bookstore.


You can find them here.




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