Differences between the ascension process of original inhabitants of earth and avatars

Question: Question about differences between the ascension process of original inhabitants of earth and avatars?


Answer from the Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017. 

The difference between the ascension of the original inhabitants of the earth and avatars is not a slight difference, but a very complex difference in the sense that the original inhabitants of the earth are more tied to the earth so it is much more difficult for them to actually leave the earth behind in its present very dark and dense state. This is not to say that there aren’t some of the original inhabitants who have ascended, but there are many more who have reached some stage of spiritual growth and have not been willing to ascend because they felt a responsibility for the earth and therefore felt that they could not leave it behind. We have of course explained that the ascension means leaving the earth and everything on earth behind… forever…permanently. You can of course become an ascended master working with the earth but you truly have to let go of any desire to see any change on earth. And this is more difficult for the original inhabitants because of their sense of responsibility. An avatar has come to earth and as we have explained, you come with a specific desire to see some change. But you also recognize that this is not a planet that you have helped co-create from the beginning. It is not that you have helped to bring the earth down to the low level it is at right now and so therefore you do not have the same sense of responsibility or attachment to the earth. And that is why you can actually come to see that your original desire was not the highest possible. You can give it up and then you can leave because you recognize that you want to move on for your own growth or even that you can actually do more for the earth from the ascended state than by being in embodiment. But you can of course as an avatar come to a point where you could ascend but you decide to stay in embodiment because you can anchor light here and be an open door and be an example.

So, it is not that it is a fundamentally different process we have given, but quite honestly you need to understand again progressive revelation, that when that previous book was given in a previous dispensation it was adapted to the level of the collective consciousness as well as the level of the students. And so what was given was a, to some degree simplified process of the ascension. You could say that the teachings we are giving today about the ascension are also adapted to the collective consciousness and the level of the students and so they are also in a way simplified. Now this doesn’t mean that the previous teachings or these teachings are wrong. It just means that there is more detail that could be given and that might be given as the planet progresses. But what is given now is enough for some students to make their ascension. And then when the planet is raised more, other teachings will be given which will then allow a broader range of students to make their ascension.

Now it should also be added here that there is a certain complexity that comes into play for the original inhabitants of the earth. Because as an avatar, you come to earth, you react to the fallen beings and then you go into duality as a result of this. But because the fallen beings were outplaying a more extreme form of duality it is actually in a certain sense easier  for you to come to see that this is not right and that there must be a higher way. So in a sense it is easier for an avatar to then ascend and pull itself out of duality. Now for the original inhabitants of the earth it is also relatively easy to see that what the fallen beings are doing are wrong. But remember what we have said that before the fallen beings were allowed to come to earth, the original inhabitants had already created a downward spiral and had become blinded by the duality consciousness. And this was not under the guidance or the force of the fallen beings. So these were choices made by the original inhabitants. And it is much more difficult for them to come to see the limitations of these choices and therefore rise above them. So at some point we will of course give certain teachings whether through this messenger or another messenger, depending on the time frame, that will make it easier for the lifestreams on earth to ascend. We have already given some hints of this, but have not really given an entire teaching that is specifically for them.




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