Spiritual meaning of Donald Trump’s election

Question: What is the spiritual significance of Donald Trump’s election as President?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

My beloved, we have deliberately chosen not to comment too much on the election in the United States because, as we have even said before, we are not looking for a particular person to be elected president. We are not looking for a particular physical outcome. We are looking at what will raise the awareness of the people—and the people can learn in various ways. In many cases, they need to learn from the school of somewhat hard knocks by seeing the out-picturing of something.

In a sense, you could say that Hillary Clinton represented politics as usual, the political establishment and Donald Trump represented something different. Nobody really knew what he represented but they knew it was not the same as Hillary Clinton and this is what many voters in the United States responded to. That is why enough people voted for him that he got elected.

Now, it is not so that we sit up here and say, as many people in the United States would like to hear, that this person is the right president and that person was the wrong president and therefore people should vote this and that way. In this instance, it was the case that there were two candidates and neither of which really have the awareness that I could sponsor them fully as president. It was simply a matter of whether people would learn one way or the other.

We could say that in terms of learning by doing something new and seeing how it works out, doing something untraditional and seeing how it works out, then Donald Trump is the better teacher because he is willing to make more out-of-the-box choices than Hillary Clinton would have been willing to do. She would have gone for the safe bet and what you normally do.

This is, of course, when you look at it from a world-wide scale, why many nations have responded the way they have. Hillary Clinton meant for them that things would be done as they had been done, and they knew where they had the United States. With Donald Trump they do not feel that they know where they have the United States. This insecurity, and this uncertainty is what makes them respond the way they do.

Now of course, it also needs to be figured into the equation that the United States’ political system is set up specifically to limit the powers of the president. Donald Trump comes from the business background. He is used to being the CEO who has almost god-like powers. Whenever he says: “Do this,” his organization does this. Whenever the president of the United States says: “Do this,” congress says: “Not so fast.” You have already examples of this, even where his own party would not support the health care reform that he proposed (prematurely one might say).

In the more long term, the reality is that I am looking for people to take more responsibility for their own nations. This means that they need to come to the point where they no longer want politics to be done the way it has been done for decades. They no longer want a small elite, whether it is a power elite or political elite. They no longer want an establishment of these politicians that want to be elected for life, want to be in congress or the senate for life, don’t want anything new, don’t want to rock the boat.

People need to get to the point where they realize they want something different from this, and so that is why, in a sense, you could say it was encouraging that enough people chose the untraditional candidate.

This is not endorsing Donald Trump and his presidency because he has many ideas that are out of alignment with the ascended masters and with my vision for the United States. First among them, of course, building a wall with Mexico and wanting to shut out all immigrants. The United States was built by immigrants and my vision is that it would be much more open to immigration and would allow many more people to come in. This would certainly increase the economy much more than you can possibly increase the economy by putting America first and isolating America from the rest of the world.

As we have said so many times, closed systems cannot endure and just the whole idea of building a wall and breaking treaties and isolating America is, of course, attempting to turn the United States into a closed system.

I am not saying that this is done deliberately and consciously, but this is the effect of it. Therefore, it will not have the impact that Donald Trump believes or that his voters believe. Now naturally, I also recognize that there is a need to shake things up. To put someone in who does not have much political experience but does have leadership experience and dares to do something out-of-the-box, can be a positive step. Again, this is not in the long term the kind of candidate I am looking for, neither was Hillary Clinton. If you want a candidate that had the potential to be more in alignment with my vision, then Bernie Sanders would have been the better choice but it was not realistic that he would get nominated by the Democratic Party.

What this does is point to the fact that the United States need to come to a point where the voters are so dissatisfied with politics as usual that they realize that the next step is to open up for more political parties than the Republicans and the Democrats. Many opinion polls have shown that 80% of the American population are in the center of the political spectrum, meaning that many of them feel that they are not represented by either the Democrats or the Republicans.

Now, for a democratic nation this should be seen as a major problem. If you have representative democracy, but 80% of the voters (or at least a large percentage of them) feel they are not represented, then you have a problem—a real problem. You can deal with it in various ways, including opening up for more political parties or moving towards more direct democracy, but this is certainly a step that needs to be taken before the United States will get out of this political gridlock that so many people recognize they are in.


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