Spiritual light and the judgment of people

Question: I would like to know how spiritual light brings the judgment of people. Is it true that in the Aquarian age more light will be released that will bring the judgment of people and take them out of embodiment?

Answer from Ascended Master MORE:

It is not actually the light that brings the judgment, but the choices made by the individual lifestream. There is, again, an old consciousness of projecting onto the remote God up in the sky.

People have for thousands of years reasoned that if something bad happens to them, this is God’s punishment. As we have tried to explain, we do not punish or judge anyone; we allow the Law of Free Will to take care of this according to people’s own choices.

What we do is that we have a right to challenge people who have descended into a very low state of consciousness. One of the ways we do challenge humanity is by releasing spiritual light to such a measure that people cannot ignore it, but must either accept the light or reject the light.

It is perfectly true that in the Aquarian Age we will release an accelerated stream of light, but this will be done very gradually and carefully and it will be adapted to how people respond to it. But yes, it is correct that the light of Aquarius will challenge many of the individuals who have attachments to the way things were done in the Age of Pisces. It will even challenge many of the structures and as always, as you even see in nature, those who cannot adapt to a change in circumstances must become extinct.

There are lifestreams who most likely will not accept the light of Aquarius and therefore will be taken from embodiment. Most of them at the end of their natural lifespan, but some will be taken earlier if they commit severe abuses of the free will of other people.


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