Spiritual experiences and alcohol

TOPICS: Many non-material entities communicate through channelers – Christ discernment needed – ascended masters never recommend alcohol – drugs and alcohol never produce spiritual experiences –

Question: I came across a channeling where the channeled entity recommends that his students drink red wine during their lessons because it heightens/enhances their spiritual experience. Would you please comment on this? 


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


There is a great number of nonmaterial beings who are willing to communicate with humankind. I have explained elsewhere that the human mind has the ability to act as a radio receiver. In this day and age, more and more people are developing the ability to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to beings beyond the material octave.

The great need of the hour is Christ discernment so that people can avoid tuning in to beings who have not yet ascended to heaven. There are a great number of such beings, and many of them are eager to communicate with people. Yet the very fact that they have not yet ascended should make people wonder why these beings have not passed the final initiation on the path. It is wise to consider that if you want to travel to a certain destination, it is best to be guided by a being who has completed the journey and knows the way.

Let me state clearly that no member of the ascended masters would ever recommend that you mix alcohol and spiritual exercises. Alcohol might indeed enhance a person’s experience, but that experience will not be a spiritual experience. I am sadly aware that numerous people believe they have attained spiritual experiences as a result of taking drugs. Regardless of how real such experiences might seem, this is a very dangerous illusion.

The human brain can indeed, as a result of chemical stimulation, produce experiences that bear a resemblance to spiritual experiences. Yet the difference between such experiences and the real thing is like the difference between watching a movie about flying and actually being in an airplane.

Let me also assure you that no member of the ascended masters will take over a person’s body and cause that person to speak with a different voice. We can indeed speak through human beings and in so doing we might project a part of our being into the person’s body and mind. Yet we do not cause the person to become unaware of what is being said because that would be a violation of the person’s free will.




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