“Signs from God” means your Christ self is trying to reach you

TOPICS: Do not interpret a sign – look for hidden message – using forms of divination to make decisions – many fail to hear their Christ selves – outer sign means Christ self trying to get your attention – do not interpret sign with outer mind; use intuition to go beyond outer mind – why divination limits you –

Question: Jesus, Is there such a thing as signs from God? If we notice what they call power animals in our lives, repeated noticing of certain numbers or in my case feathers, is this a confirmation of the right path? It seems to give me peace when a feather shows up in an unusual place.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes, there are indeed signs from God, and they can take many different forms. However, it is important to understand that the sign itself is not the message. Therefore, you will not get the message by seeking to interpret the sign itself, and this has confused many people throughout the ages.

You will see that some people get almost obsessed about looking for an outer sign and won’t make important decisions without having a sign. You will see that some cultures have taken this to an extreme, such as seeking to divine the will of the gods by reading the entrails of sacrificed animals. Even many modern spiritual seekers can go too far in terms of seeking to interpret astrology, tarot cards or outer signs with the analytical mind.

My point is that it is important to understand that the concept of signs from God has a built-in contradiction, and if you do not understand this, it is easy to misinterpret a sign or even create signs with your own mind. I have explained the tendency of the human mind to look for patterns elsewhere.

As I explain throughout this website, you have a Christ self that acts as your spiritual teacher. Most people cannot hear their Christ selves directly – although this ability can be developed – so they hear their Christ selves in the form of intuitive insights. Unfortunately, most people in the western world were not brought up with an understanding of the existence of the Christ self or the value of intuition. The consequence is that the Christ self finds it difficult to communicate with the conscious mind of the person.

Many people go through life and hardly ever get a message from their Christ selves, and this usually causes them to miss important opportunities for growth. Yet as a lifestream begins to awaken to the spiritual side of life, the lifestream becomes more sensitive. If a lifestream has not yet sharpened its intuition to the point of having clear contact with its Christ self, the Christ self can indeed seek to communicate with the person’s conscious mind through outer signs. Yet take note that the Christ self is always willing to give you a clear intuitive insight that does not rely on or need an outer sign.

My point is that if a person has a clear intuitive connection, the outer sign is unnecessary. The person’s conscious mind can receive the direction from the Christ self without any outer sign. Therefore, when you receive an outer sign, it is most likely because you have not yet developed your intuition to the point of hearing your Christ self directly. Your Christ self is therefore using an outer sign to get your attention.

Do you see the important distinction? Your Christ self is not actually trying to send you a message through the outer sign. It is trying to get your attention and make you aware that you need to use your intuition to tune in to your Christ self. Your Christ self is not using the sign to say, “Do this!” It is using the sign to say, “Wake up and listen to me in your heart, and that is where I will tell you what you need to know!” In many cases the directions you need are far too complex to be communicated through an outer sign.

The difference is essential because you now see that it is fruitless to try to interpret a sign with the outer, analytical mind or with your emotions. You will never be able to use the outer mind to get the message behind the sign. And here is the central problem. A sign is necessary because a person is too caught up in the analytical mind or is overwhelmed by negative emotions. Therefore, the Christ self cannot reach the person’s conscious mind directly. As an act of last resort, the Christ self seeks to give the person an outer sign that is noticed by the conscious mind. Yet it is so easy for the person’s overactive analytical mind or unbalanced emotions to take over and seek to interpret the message behind the sign. This has lead numerous people to misinterpret a sign and use it to justify what their intellects or emotions want to hear.

So if you are sensitive to signs, be aware of this tendency and seek to reach beyond the outer mind. And in the long term, use the tools I give on the toolbox website to build your attunement with your Christ self.

Take note that this teaching applies to all forms of divination. Your Christ self is always willing to tell you what you need to know, as long as you will tune in. Therefore, it truly is unnecessary to use any form of divination to uncover the will of God, or whatever people might be seeking to know.

As a transition phase, it can be valid to use some forms of divination to trigger intuitive insights. Yet you always need to be aware that there is no form of divination that can give correct results through the outer mind. Instead of seeking to sharpen your ability to use a form of divination, it would give far better results to put the same amount of effort into establishing a clear contact with your Christ self. Let a word to the wise be sufficient.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels